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Race is a Myth - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Race as a Myth Generally, people have a tendency to group themselves or discriminate others based on their appearance, background, and status. Perhaps these elements of discrimination affect the quality of life that people enjoy in various parts of the world…
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Race is a Myth
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Download file to see previous pages This is because various medical practitioners and scientists have conducted a myriad of studies and unanimously concluded that race has no scientifically basis and is merely a myth propagated by the elite in their efforts to oppress their potential threats (Lauer and Lauer 347). Lauer and Lauer note that Biological race is the most prevalent form of racism where people humans are grouped into Caucasoid, mongoloid, Negroid races based on their physical appearances such as the color and textures of their skin, eyes, and hair (376). In essence, this is not true but a mere fallacy that is intended to create the impression that humans possessing certain physical outlooks are superior to their counterparts. Indeed, the developed states are the usual suspects of this form of colonialism with the black people falling victims in many occasions. This notion does not negate the fact that the black skinned people cannot be racists themselves. The acts of racism extend even to government institutes and authorities for instance during census, the bodies charged with the counting process group and present their data in form of color and skin. Another form of race classification is the social race that is concerns mainly with how people classified a particular group in the ancient times in addition to their cultural and religious backgrounds. The social race is undoubtedly one of the modern day discrimination, as people tend to look down upon those who do not conform to their standards or simply people who dot belong to certain status within the society. In all these tenets of classifying race, one myth that tends to impede the potential of many people is that no person can change their race, be it social or biological. This gimmick has been one of the tools employed by those fear competition, have some form of innate prejudice, or are discriminatory in nature. Perhaps the most outstanding myth is the classification of human intelligence according to the biological race an individual is perceived to belong. More often than not, this kind of myth has always worked in the favor of the light skinned especially the whites, who look up to themselves as being the superior beings courtesy of their physical appearance (Lauer and Lauer 388). While many people and states are reluctant to admit the reality, prevalence and gravity of race as a lifestyle in many societies, several elements of racism are evident in their deeds and speeches. Many people subconsciously inject some element of discrimination in their everyday activities with some under the cover while others are outright. Although humans have for many years, conceptualized racism as the discrimination based on color, recent developments prove that there is more than meets the eye as far as the aspect of race is concerned (Top Documentary Films “How Racist Are You?”). Over the years, humans have given the race aspect two categories, the myths behind them notwithstanding. The first and the most outstanding aspect of race is the one that heavily anchors on people’s natural appearance for instance the colors and textures of skin, eye, and hair. With this kind of racism come the major classifications that include the mongoloids, the Negros, and the Caucasoid. The good news about this myth is that it enables people to know which demographic group they belong to but the sad news associated with this myth is the fact that some elements in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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