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A Day At The Mall - Essay Example

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Intrigued by the popularity of the Valley Mall, ocated in Halfway Maryland,I was sure this was my destination for my next research.The huge and beautiful building with several stories that accommodate hundreds of local and international brands…
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A Day At The Mall
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Download file to see previous pages If it is a hangout of friends or people needing to buy something otherwise hard to find or even men taking their partners to enjoy some scrumptious food, the Valley Mall has attracted all. I make my way though the glimmering glass doors pass the security checks and settle into a chair next to a famous coffee outlet. The Valley Mall shopping centre attracts a large number of people every day; from window-shoppers to serious buyers. Sitting here and sipping my just-served cup of coffee, I closely observe these people moving from one shop to the other, looking for trends these people show while interacting. With the entrance door within sight, I am no less than surprised at the huge influx of people making their way through the doors, giving me the benefit of assuming that an exuberant number of people find this mall a place of their taste. My observations inform me that the inflow of people at this particular mall is mostly from a class one can define as financially much stabled in an otherwise economically shaken state. These people tend to look much wealthier than their fellow countrymen, on account of their clothing, their behavior and their interaction with each other. For the younger lot the mall is mostly a place to hang out at, while for the older, it is either buying or a venue for business discussions. Since this mall welcomes mostly the wealthier class of an economically unstable country what I observe within the Valley Mall is in a bit of contrast with the overall American society. The people here appear very much satisfied with their lives and when they talk, they do so with delicate manners, showing the best of their behavior. Most of them are adorned with branded clothing indicating that this specific class enjoys much more luxuries than many in the country cannot afford. I maneuver my way through the well-designed staircases and pass several branded outlets showcasing their products from the back of their glass frontals. Resting down on a comfortable sofa in the food court, I order myself an ice-cream to earn myself some time to observe people around this area of the mall. Here I see an array of people; young and old equally engaged in casual discussions over burgers and sandwiches, others seemingly discussing important matters over cups of tea and coffee. These people are readily influenced by the environment, talking in low tones so as not to be over heard. They eat carefully, much more than they would have done at their homes, making sure nothing spills onto the tables or stains their exuberantly expensive clothing. A dab of tissue paper against the lips after each bite seems like an overly practiced job. Taken the fact that I was going through this observation in terms of sociological perspectives, I need to see my observation in light of the many perspectives of Sociology. We shall look at them in a small brief. The symbolic interactionism theory describes society as a group of people communicating through organized and patterned interactions (, 2000). My observation at the Valley Mall led me to believe the same. Here, people communicated with each other through different symbols; these included languages and even mere smiles. Through the glass frontals of elegant shops I witnessed buyers interacting with the sellers in casual manners while in food courts I again witnessed people who communicated important news in calculated ways. The Functionalist perspective of sociology observes society as an organized network of co-operating groups that coordinate under a shared set of rules and values (Horton and Hunt, 1972). The functionalists see society in a constant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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