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The Social causes of Poverty in California - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Causes of poverty in California Introduction According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB) 2012 (Sankin), the state of California has a poverty rate of 23.5 per cent, the highest among all the states in the U.S.A…
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The Social causes of Poverty in California
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Download file to see previous pages Aspects that cause poverty in California are economic, psychological, and social aspects (Amidon 8). Causes of poverty in California In order to effectively come up with a lasting solution on how California has become one of the poverty-stricken states, it is important to understand how social problems contribute to this state. The sociological study of California poverty shows how social problems have led to increased poverty condition. While both social and economic factors are seen as the main contributor to the rising poverty condition in California, it is not always the case. Basically, psychological issues stress more on individual and their behaviors, whereas economic issues tend to emphasize materials that a person possesses. The social aspect emphasizes the role of the social environment, which also greatly contributes to the rise in poverty conditions in California. One major social aspect contributing to this is the high density population rate. According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB) 2012 (Sankin), California has the highest density of population in America. Overpopulation has a definite effect on the economy. In another dimension, overpopulation has led to increase in poverty conditions in California.If a state is overpopulated, it is unable to provide all the basic commodities to its population. Facilities such as healthcare, education and food are hardly enough to sustain everyone, mind alone being surplus to sell. In the bid to ensure that these important commodities are available to all,the state will tend to import them from outside. This will contribute to low Gross Domestic Products(GDP) per capita, a situation which will force a state to rely on foreign debts (Contrada 52). Foreign debts are paid back with heavy interests, which forces a state to dig deep in order to pay them. Unemployment is another major problem that comes as a result of overpopulation. In California, there has been a significant rate of unemployment. According to the Current Population Survey (CPS), although the rate of unemployment fell by 0.4 % this year (2013) as compared to last year, it is still above the national unemployment rate. There have been not enough jobs to support this large population. People have opted for crime as a way of earning their living. In order for people to survive, they tend to break into others people’s properties in order to steal or engage in other crimes. One of the main causes of the rise in crime is poverty. As people seek means of getting their daily bread, they are easily pushed to crimes as it seems the only option available to them. Crimes further push people to poverty as people with resources feel insecure to invest in such places. The worst thing is that after being robbed severally, investors tend to close down their business and transfer them in other states which are perceived to have security. Immediate impact of this is that people who were working in those organizations will lose their jobs as the state itself will lose the taxes it used to get from such investors. Such a move increases the poverty condition, and more people are subjected to poor living conditions (Thornton 183). Overpopulation does not only affect people but also the environment they are living in. If a certain area becomes overpopulated, it means people occupy the land which could have been used for farming or other economic activities. In California, most of the land is being used for settlement, leaving inadequate land for farming and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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