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Why does society find it easier to accept women as the victims rather than the perpetrators of crime - Essay Example

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The involvement of women in the system of criminal justice has been largely as victims of crime rather than as the perpetrators. As female make up almost half of the victims of violent crime, they also represent the smallest percentage of the offenders (Carr-Hill & Stern 2008)…
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Why does society find it easier to accept women as the victims rather than the perpetrators of crime
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Extract of sample "Why does society find it easier to accept women as the victims rather than the perpetrators of crime"

Download file to see previous pages However, to understand in depth the issues related to the system of criminal justice and women, it is of great importance to examine the experience and incidence of crime against women and women as the perpetrators. It is because if the less number of women committing crimes that is essential to monitor closely their offending patterns of females. Otherwise, the difference of experiences of females in the system of criminal justice may be clouded by trends that show the biggest offenders as male population. This information is important and necessary in assessing the responses by the social and justice systems to women who offend and in the creation of strategies for crime prevention that are gender informed. The essay will critically discuss and analyze why the society find it easier to accept women as the victims rather than the crime perpetrators in UK. Who commits crime in UK: Criminal statistics and societal assumptions in UK? Many statistics from different studies indicate that men have a higher likelihood of committing crime compared to women. For instance, the study done in 2002 in UK shows that 80% of the offenders known which translates to about 481,000 were men (Carr-Hill & Stern 2008)....
2) Why women are have a higher likelihood of committing social norms than men? 3) Is there something distinctive about the experience of women as perpetrators and as victims of crime? 4) Are women given different treatment than men in the system of justice? Criminal statistics in UK in 2006 showed that women were more of crime victims than perpetrators. Women committed lesser violent crimes compared to men like manslaughter, bodily harm and murder. For instance, in UK, most murder suspects are male (84.5%) and of manslaughter are 87.8% (Carr-Hill & Stern 2008). At the same time 45.1 % of murder victims are women and manslaughter 32.3% (Carr-Hill & Stern 2008). These figures showed that majority of victims and perpetrators of violent crimes are male. According to Carlen (1990), women have the highest risk of becoming sexual violence victims like sexual harassment, rape and female children sexual abuse. In a scenario where a woman is killed, the attacker most of the time is known to her. Furthermore Carr-Hill & Stern (2008) points out those male adults forms 98.9 % of rape suspects who share common cultural background as the victims. Moreover, 95.3% of the victims are often females (Carr-Hill & Stern 2008). However, with petty crimes such as shoplifting has the highest proportion of female offenders especially girls between ages 14-16 years (Thornton 2012). As much as women are mostly the victims, there still exist a small percentage of women who commit violent crimes like manslaughter and murder. For example, according to Carr-Hill & Stern (2008), 15.4% of the suspected murderers in 2006 were female in addition to 12.2% of the manslaughter suspects. The number of women increases in crimes which are less severe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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