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. Combat-related PTSD and chronic homelessness - Research Paper Example

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Combat-Related PTSD and Chronic Homelessness. Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Table of Contents Combat-Related PTSD and Chronic Homelessness. 1 Table of Contents 2 Overview of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 2 Current Research into PTSD and the effects…
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Research. Combat-related PTSD and chronic homelessness
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Download file to see previous pages Through the different methods, care givers generalize the issue of age, sex or any other differences that could change the situation of the patients to ensure that they can live without remembering the traumatic experiences they felt when in the battlefields. The USA department of defense has adopted similar method to help their soldiers overcome the terrible issues of Iraq and Afghanistan casualties. 7 Evidenced Based Treatments for Combat-Related PTSD Victims. 7 Implications for social work practice. 8 Conclusion 9 Overview of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not a present-day disorder; it has been acknowledged all through history but labeled in various ways. PTSD has for a long time been related to soldiers serving in the military thus giving an explanation to the symptoms of nervousness and despondence witnessed at the time of a combat practice. During the Civil War (1861 to 1865), medics and military commanders identified symptoms of PTSD and named them as “soldier’s heart” thus no true diagnosis or cure was implemented. (Carter-Visscher, et al. ...
nxiety turmoil that is brought about by exposure to distress, is now a generally acknowledged diagnosis that is experienced by both genders (Chaumba & Bride 2010). Some of the universal symptoms include; invasive thoughts, dodging of stimuli connected to the trauma and continuous symptoms of augmented stimulation. PTSD makes no favoritism as it can ensue to any person who has been open to the elements of a traumatic happening.However, for purposes of this research paper, I am focusing on the diagnosis, effects and treatment of PTSD in military employees, specifically from the Vietnam-era veterans and Iraq/Afghanistan deployments (Chaumba & Bride (2010). Even though various studies have shown women enrolling in the military are more vulnerable to PTSD than men, as a result of past traumatic actions, such as sexual distress. Mental health medics keep on diagnosing PTSD in male soldiers at a higher rate than female soldiers. One supposition for this inconsistency explains that most medics still believe that only male soldiers hold battle positions, holding fast to the suggestion that men are more likely position to contract PTSD (Feinstein & Sinyor 2009). However, in the present day combat, a good number of female soldiers take part in hold up roles that places them in battle zones, thus escalating their threat of being open to the elements of combat-related distress at related levels to those of their male counterparts. In order to diagnose PTSD, medics must bring into play the criterion and listing of symptoms as explained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR) formed by the American Psychiatric Association. Even though the DSM-IV-TR does not differentiate whether PTSD symptoms depicts it differently in men against women, thus it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research. Combat-Related PTSD and Chronic Homelessness Research Paper.
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