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Critical Analysis of a Research Article - Assignment Example

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Research Paper Analysis: Sexual Identity, Attractions, and Behavior Among Young Sexual-Minority Women Over a 2-Year Period Name Institution Research Paper Analysis: Sexual Identity, Attractions, and Behavior Among Young Sexual-Minority Women Over a 2-Year Period Introduction This review article will analyze and evaluate the theoretical basis of a research article that is entitled “Sexual Identity, Attractions, and Behavior Among Young Sexual-Minority Women Over a 2-Year Period”(Diamond, 2000)…
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Critical Analysis of a Research Article
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Download file to see previous pages Importantly, the study that is currently under the microscope is designed in order to gauge any change that occurred in sexual identity, attractions and behavior of those females that exhibit rare sexual orientation. It is also important to note that these groups face utter resistance in aligning their actions with the behaviors because, people do not accept them easily therefore, individuals with abnormal sexual orientation consider it best to hide their feelings (Bontempo & D’auglli, 2002), so that they can adjust in the society were heterosexual behavior is the only acceptable way of living. But, active-concealment of true sexual orientation could lead to a change in the way lesbians and bi-sexual think for example the need to assimilate in a culture where intra-gender sexual attraction is considered as a sin (Blake, et al., 2001), can drive homosexuals to embrace heterosexual behavior. The being analyzed study was targeted to see the effects of time over the sexual attitudes of females with abnormal psychosexual behaviors. Analysis of the Paper The paper that is being analyzed and evaluated is a longitudinal study that is conducted to quantify the change that has occurred in the sexual orientations and behavior of eighty females with abnormal sexual thinking over the span of two years. The paper deployed convenience sampling in order to select respondents. The above mentioned strategy is acceptable, because people with abnormal sexual thinking are notorious for hiding true feelings, therefore, it is a wise choice to take the support of bisexual and lesbian social groups for conducting in-depth interviews of people belonging from target population (Cochran & Mays, 1989). Furthermore, it is important to note that the paper had a very small sample size that could have hindered the possibility of getting significant and notable results (Diamond, 2000). The marked paper also had a confusing theoretical framework because, it somehow identified sexual orientation, attraction and attitude with the tendency to differ at times for instance, a lesbian may seek out relationships with men in order to win acceptance in a particular culture. Despite her apparent behavior she is a lesbian inside and therefore, she will unleash to have physical relation with a female as soon as she will get an opportunity to do so. In the light of the above argument, the possibility of a long-term change with reference to sexual orientation is grim at best. The low fluidity in one’s sexual behavior occurs because sexual thinking and attraction develop during adolescence therefore, they are well engraved within the personalities of individual and due to this reason, people are always found to have been following the sexual orientation, which they have developed in the early years of youth (Diamond, 2000). The work under review has failed to mention research questions and hypotheses , but clearly the reviewer had to guess that the study was intended to quantify the change that has occurred in sexual thinking of eighty females with non-conventional sexual attitude (Diamond, 2000). The key finding of the paper did not support the fact that lesbian females change their sexual behavior and attitude over time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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