Critically evaluate the use of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences. Include examples of social science research - Essay Example

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The use of qualitative research methodology is one of the most popular methods of research in many fields, especially in the social sciences, where it has become a basic part of all research conducted. One would state that the use of qualitative research methods implies an emphasis on the qualities of the factors or bodies and on those procedures or connotations that have not been measured or examined on an experimental or in terms of quantity, amount, intensity, or frequency in which the said body occurs…
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Critically evaluate the use of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences. Include examples of social science research
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Download file to see previous pages When a qualitative research is conducted, there is often an emphasis on the value of the subject matter. Researchers will work towards seeking answers to questions that stress how social experience is created and given meaning, and this can be contrasted to quantitative research methods, which emphasize the measurement and analysis of causal relationships between inconsistencies, not processes. It is a fact that qualitative forms of inquiry are considered by many of those who use it to conduct their research to be as much a viewpoint on how to advance towards the investigation of a research problem as it is a method. Qualitative research methods are used to gain an understanding of the behaviour of individuals and their behaviour in diverse social concepts. Qualitative research methods have many characteristics, which define them since they are used for the development of ideas, which determine the findings of the various researches; one of the most imperative aspects of qualitative research is the development of the design. ...
In addition, when using qualitative research methodologies, the researcher will more often than not be required to adapt his findings to the situation as it unfolds, so that there are often no predetermined rigid designs and this enables the researcher to remain flexible, hence increasing the credibility of his work. Furthermore, when conducting research using qualitative methods, the researcher is likely to select those study cases that are rich in information and are illuminative (Riviera 2011, p.615). This ensures that there is purpose in the research since the methods of sampling are aimed at gaining an insight on the phenomenon being studied, and not to generalize from using samples in order to make a determination concerning a population. In this aspect, qualitative research methods seem to have an advantage over qualitative research methods since there are no generalizations in the research design (Castellan 2010, p.3). Qualitative research can every now and then provide a better appreciation of the nature of the problems that are run into in social sciences and thus add to insights into educating and studying in a number of contexts. For example, at the University of Nottingham, in depth, discussions with pharmacists were carried out to determine their views of continuing expert development and who had influenced them in their learning. In addition, a case study approaches using the examination of practice and in depth discussions to survey the views of physiotherapists' on the influences on their inclination in practice. Moreover, in depth interviews, with a variety of stakeholders in the African nation of Malawi to explore the issues surrounding pharmacy educational capability building was carried out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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