Poverty and Social Exclusion - Essay Example

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This present essay deals with the issues of poverty and social exclusion. In particular, its main objective is to clearly define or establish the true meaning of poverty and what it entails.Secondly, the essay will seek to establish how poverty differs from social exclusion…
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Poverty and Social Exclusion
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the essay will commence with a critical analysis of the issue of poverty and then it will analyse the issue of social exclusion. These initial analyses will help in providing the reader with adequate background information about the essay title and the objective of the study. In the third section, the essay will state the relationship between poverty and social exclusion; that is to say, to what extent the two differ or are similar to each other. Perhaps the significance of undertaking this study can be interlinked with the studies conducted by Bloom (2012), which indicated that the extent of poverty and social exclusion is escalating across the world because of numerous factors; and some recent events allude to this fact. For example, various sources, including scholars such as Bloom (2012), have stated that besides the killing of Mark Duggan, the other root cause of the 2011 England riots was the high rate of unemployment among youth, which denoted the extent of poverty among the youth and the level of socio-economic inequality. These problems were not only prevalent in London but also across other parts in the United Kingdom. The riots lasted for nearly four days and were characterized by various forms of crimes that included muggings, assault, looting, rioting, and even murder. They occurred in various cities across the UK and lead to the deaths of five people, 16 people being severely injured and nearly 200 people receiving minor injuries. Another recent case that has been making the news headlines is the Arab uprising that is still occurring in Syria. Lynch (2013) notes that a number of factors that included poverty and social exclusion in the Arab nations, comprising Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Syria, were also key contributing factors to the uprising that have been witnessed in these countries. The protesters in these nations have decried the rise in poverty levels that seemingly affect most households. Moreover, the protestors have lamented the unequal distribution of natural resources and wealth within the countries, which consequently contributed to the social exclusion of most communities, ethnic groups or tribes that were seen to be anti-government. The two examples perhaps justify the significance of undertaking this study and they provide a good basis for pointing out the consequences of poverty and social exclusion. Poverty Amartya (1976) described poverty as the condition or state in which a community or an individual person lacks financial capabilities and other basic essentials and, therefore, he or she is unable to afford minimum living standards as well as the general wellbeing that is considered acceptable in society. With reference to the studies conducted by Shildrick et al. (2010), they write that poverty denotes lack of access to basic human needs that include food, shelter, and clothing. Still, individuals or a community would be perceived to be experiencing poverty if they only have access to poor quality food, clothing, and shelter. Traditionally, poverty was only linked to the developing and underdeveloped nations across the world. However, the United Nations, as well as the World Bank, has established certain measures that denote a poverty line. It also justifies the existence of poverty even in the developed nations. According to Kerbo (2006), the World Bank first fixed the poverty line at $1 per day in 1990, but this figure was revised upwards to $1.08 in 1993. This baseline was applied until 2005 in all nations across the world on a purchasing power parity basis. By 2005, there was substantial evidence to show that the cost of living had increased across the world and there was need to readjust further the poverty ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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