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Indigenous Australians and social exclusion - Essay Example

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Indigenous Australians and Social Exclusion Name Institution Abstract This paper articulates on social exclusion of the indigenous community in Australia. In essence, it analysis various significant disadvantages that are the root cause of the social exclusion, over and above, giving the reasons as to why the government has not been able to address the issue for over a decade…
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Indigenous Australians and social exclusion
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Download file to see previous pages Social exclusion originated from France, over and above, having many affinities with the French Republic particularly on solidarity and social bond. Of importance to note is that social exclusion has numerous definitions. Never the less, social exclusion is most frequently explained in contrast to the poverty. The continuous policy attention that has been there in Australia for the last one decade is correlated to experiencing significant disadvantage for the indigenous people. In fact, the government of Australia have come up with a strategy where a report is give out in a span of two years indicating the process in which the Australian people will be able to overcome the indigenous disadvantage that is brought about by social exclusion that has been practised for a considerable amount of time (Hills & Agulnik, 2002). Sociology on indigenous Australians and social exclusion will be carried out through secondary research in book and journals that have been written in relation to their history. In essence, the research is aimed at seeking to understand the reasons as to why the indigenous Australians were excluded from the rest of the society through sociological scholars. Apparently, social exclusion is hugely related to social inclusion as it dictates the inclusion of the indigenous community into the rest of the society. Historical Background Over the last few decades, discussions have been put across concerning the cause and consequences of poverty. The focus of poverty has deviated from the usual norm of lack of income to particular groups of people into the norm of social exclusion or social inclusion. In essence, the term social exclusion has its origin in Europe as a response to the crisis witnessed in the welfare of states and the social disintegration that was brought about the social and economic crises. According to sociologists, social exclusion is a term that has numerous meaning. Simply, social exclusion describes a wide range of phenomena and processes that are connected to poverty and dispossession. Additionally, it entails social, cultural and political disadvantages that are mostly linked to groups of people who might be excluded in the society (Daly, 2005). It is worth noting that social exclusion and social inclusion are contested concepts that are generated from a framework of numerous ideas of social science, disciplinary and theoretical perspective, political ideologies, over and above, national discourse. However, it is questionable whether these contested concepts have had any impact on the economy. Apparently, they have been argued to have political and moral impacts where social exclusion is said to be ‘bad’ while social inclusion is ‘desirable’ with a continuous urge to have the excluded people being included (Byrne, 2005). Furthermore, socialists argue that there is a need to have numerous meanings which are of theory, method and politics to pave the way for better research that would lead to better social policies. Consequently, social exclusion and social inclusion are said to be theoretical concept that assist people in looking at reality rather than reality itself. The understanding of these concepts is dependent on theoretical and methodological, which bring out the consequences in relation to explanations of the two concepts. Besides, social exclusion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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