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The present essay "Poverty, Inequality and Income Distribution" deals with the above-mentioned phenomena. It is stated here that poverty, inequality, and income distribution are significant factors that affect the economy of a country or region…
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Poverty, Inequality and Income Distribution
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Download file to see previous pages Data for this research paper will be collected from a survey. Sampling will be conducted to determine the income distribution, inequality and poverty levels among people. We will use the traditional paper and pencil interviews to conduct the interviews, which will be face to face. Information from the samples is critical for this paper since it will affect the precision of our observation on the effects of the factors. Therefore, the minimum expected sample size will be the difference of the between the upper and lower limit of the expected confidence interval. The survey, however, intends to target 200 people selected randomly on an unbiased basis. For the sampling list, the survey will be conducted in NY but it will try to cover people from other states that live in the region. The sample will also cover males and females of different ages. Therefore, the list will show the name of the respondent, original place of residence, gender, age and the income.
The survey will use probability sampling particularly simple random sampling. Since this is a study on poverty, inequality and income distribution, the elements in the sampling frame should be given an equal probability of selection to allow for the greatest number of possible samples. As indicated earlier, the data will be obtained from the selected samples using structured questionnaires. The structured questionnaires are used since survey will require a low participation of the interviewer but a large sample size is to be covered. The questions to be used on the questionnaires will be open ended i.e. the respondent will not be limited to answer within a specific context. The respondent will only be asked to respond once due to time limitations on our part. Potential respondents will be stopped and the reasons for the survey will be explained to them for them to make a decision if they will participate or not (Mittelhammer, 1996).
Incentives are critical during any survey since they increases the number of respondents in addition to enhancing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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