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Do you believe that there is a need for providing housing for the poorest in the society Should social housing tenants have the - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Need for Providing Housing for the Poor Shelter is one of the basic needs that human beings require in order for them to survive. Irrespective of them being poor or rich, it is important for people to have housing because it provides them with shelter which protects them from various factors that might cause them harm…
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Do you believe that there is a need for providing housing for the poorest in the society Should social housing tenants have the
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Extract of sample "Do you believe that there is a need for providing housing for the poorest in the society Should social housing tenants have the"

Download file to see previous pages Housing should be provided to poor people at subsidized or low rates or at no charge at all. It is a government’s duty to ensure that they come up with housing policies that will ensure that those who are less fortunate in the society get housing by either providing free housing or subsidized housing (Davidson & Malloy, 2009). This can be done by the use of social housing where local governments mange and build houses intended for those who cannot afford normal housing. Despite the fact that the houses are to be provided for free or at very low charges, it should be ensured that such houses meet the good living conditions standards and not structures aimlessly made. The theory of Marxism requires equality for all members of a nation (Creaven, 2012). Poor people also constitute the citizens of a given country hence it is essential for the providing of housing for poor people to be realized. This task should not be left to the government only. The society has an obligation of helping those who are less fortunate in the society. Providing housing for the poor is one way in which the society can help the less fortunate. In fact, this might prove to be beneficial to the society in general. Providing housing for the poor will result in positive outcomes in the society. ...
One such policy is imposing high taxes on high value properties. This means that rich people who can afford expensive and lavish houses are taxed more than average citizens. This tax will in turn be used to construct houses that are highly cheap that poor people can afford. The government can also impose high taxes on people who earn huge sum of money and using the money acquired from such taxes to construct housing project for poor people (Patsouras, 2005). Taxing policies will come in hand since they will be incorporated in the income or rent of these wealthy citizens hence they will not feel the direct pinch of the money they are being deducted. Tenants of social housing who mostly comprise of poor people should have the same tenant rights as those who rent houses privately mostly people who are averagely or extremely rich. The Marxism theory of equality can be used to support this statement because it provides for equality when it comes to the respecting of both human and other rights. Marxism stipulates that every citizen is equal irrespective of their wealth or class. Hence, the right of tenant should be respected irrespective of the fact that they are private or social housing tenants (McDonald & McMillen, 2010). For example, according to the Citizens advice Bureau, it is the right of a tenant to continue residing in a house in which he or she is renting unless their landlord has justifiable cause to evict him/ her (Citizens Advice Bureau, 2013). Justifiable causes include rent arrears, damages to the house among others. However, the law provides that an eviction notice be given to the tenant. Such rights should be applied to all tenants irrespective of them being tenants of private landlord or social housing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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