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Institutional Management and Correctional Programs - Essay Example

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Institutional Management and Correctional Programs Name Institution Course Institutional Management and Correctional Programs In institutional Management, one deals with complex and challenging laws as well as regulations for the system under control to be efficient…
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Institutional Management and Correctional Programs
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Download file to see previous pages Under such prevailing conditions, the management of correctional institution needs such approaches. There are activities and programs, which their design is to appropriately classify inmates, eliminate inmates’ idleness, and eventually develop the skills necessary to come out with a successful reintegration of the inmates into their communities upon release. The leaders must know the bureaucracies applicable in running the correctional facilities efficiently in order to arrive at the desired targets. These pertains the success of any correctional institutions and their programs. The persistent theme throughout the history of America corrections facilities has been the efforts in place in reforming offenders. Long back, the rehabilitative program was ideal and helped in directing the renovation of the correctional systems. In the wake to indeterminate sentencing parole, probation, and separate juvenile justice system, offender treatment has been the dominant correctional philosophy. The prevalent question now is the efficiency of this institution management to run a successful program. After running a reversal of fortune in 1970s, this program has attracted liberal blame for allowing a state run coercive program against offenders. The management doubles in been lenient on some offenders while harsh on others. There has been an empirical study on the effectiveness of these correctional programs. According to revionists scholars, many correctional programs have proven effectiveness in decreasing recidivism. But this has not been the case, the variation, that has resulted in search of an effective system has led to search for an appropriate principle to distinguish between the best correctional measures and the ineffective ones (Clear, Cole, & Reisig, 2012). Due to variation on management applied to different correctional measures, reaches have proven that only the correctional programs that apply cognitive-behavioral treatment have recorded the highest number in reduction of recidivism. With these valid concerns on the best reformative correctional program, it would be best that the future management of these programs be evidence based. This would actually advice on the best principle of intervention to those who need the support, regardless of the management. This will help foster public safety. Since rehabilitation has been depicted as a failed enterprise that deems extinction in U.S.A correctional program, despite many treatment still in provision by American government policy. The only concern is the ability of these correctional facilities to reduce crime. The idea of correctional program should be to reform offenders, changing who they are to be less criminal. Since 1971, the term penitentiary has changed from being a place where prisoners got warehoused, rather was a place aimed at transforming their spirit and habits of living. The correctional programs still have moved to a more positive realm, as a place of humanitarian invention, a notch higher from the gallows, the pillory, the whipping post, and other barbaric punishment extended to prisoners’ o preceding management. The change of policies, and the knowhow of management bureaucracies, regardless of facilities present has transformed the institutions. In general, the evaluation of the value of the correctional program has narrowed to only doing good for the offenders. This is because the correctional programs of pillory, punishment, and torture of offenders did less to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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