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Does Death Penalty Successfully Deter Crimes - Essay Example

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This essay describes the problem of death penalty and focuses on it's ability to successfully deter crimes. The researcher provides his pro-life opinion on the subject and discusses the basic arguments that support retribution presented in favor of the capital punishment…
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Does Death Penalty Successfully Deter Crimes
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Download file to see previous pages According to the article of Dawn Krider, guilty prisoners are sentenced to death to prevent similar crimes to happen again. However, according to the statistics given on her writing, in the twelve states that allow capital punishment, the murder rate is twice as of the rest of the states that do not allow executions. Is this an eye opener for people who are supporting death penalty? More so, it is also discussed in the same article that killing is wrong except when someone kills as a self-defense. Yet, can we justify killing a prisoner behind bars a self-defense? When your life is in immediate danger, you need to depend yourself from getting injured or killed. How about using lethal injection to kill a prisoner judged as guilty to the crime accused to him? Is there an immediate danger? No and therefore it does not justify killing. Whereas, when a prisoner is sentenced to a life imprisonment without parole and after some years, he is proven to be innocent, he can be free; but, when a person is sentenced to a capital punishment – it cannot rolled back. No one can bring back life, except God. Furthermore, I want to be fair on giving my opinion about this subject. I am a pro-life, yet, I want to look into the arguments presented in favor of the capital punishment. Let me discuss the basic arguments that support retribution. According to the article “Arguments in favour of capital punishment” published on BBC, all prisoners that are proven guilty deserve to be punished. In order to make this punishment morally right, only guilty people should be punished. And these guilty peoples deserve to be punished equal to their committed crime. Thus, it supports the Old...
The researcher states that according to the article written by David Von Drehle on the Time Magazine, one government spent millions for the capital punishment, while the other party allocated millions to depend against the former. When this issue can’t be solved, we must look back at the very essence of the death penalty – to safeguard lives. Is killing justifiable? In the researcher's point of view – the end does not justify the means. Correcting mistakes and wrongdoings must be done immediately – hence delaying for more and more years completely fails the purpose why the lawmaker should kill to protect lives. Therefore, the researcher can say clearly that the death penalty is not the solution to deter crimes, e.g. murders from happening again. The arguments that support capital punishment cannot stand strong. The government, the people, the justices have realized that death penalty is not the solution to make this world a better place. After all, we are human, and there is no humane way to deprive life. All the peoples – good and bad – deserve every of their precious breath. At this very point in time – the researcher suggests that the government should have a closer look at the imprisonment without parole as the best alternative for the capital punishment in which imperfections in the courts can still be refined through releasing the innocents. The very essence of conviction is justice: no one can give justice if the prosecution made is another crime that can further impaired our ethical standard. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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