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Communication Report - Research Paper Example

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Communication is referred to an activity of sharing and conveying information, knowledge, messages, exchange of thoughts and ideas through visuals, written language or signals and signs…
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Communication Report
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Download file to see previous pages In almost every organization effective communication skills are required by the company from the employee in order to handle situations that might occur and need to be solved. There are some factors which influence the phenomenon of communication very much and they are as follows: Cooperation Cooperation is considered to be the beauty of communication. It is an ability to benefit from and participate in the setting and relationships, either from social circle or from corporate sector. In dealing with others, one needs to cooperate and demonstrate effective communication skills so that they can effectively work towards the common goals. The manner of responding and approaching others must be considered in order to carry out effective communication. If one has supportive and cooperative relationships, they are more inclined towards communicating useful information to each other. To make communication highly beneficial, effective and strong, the participants need to be cooperative in a good manner. Cooperative and effective communication skills are very much important in all the fields of life. For example, pupils of the school, college and university needs effective and cooperative mode of communications so that they can deliver the best. One must think about the messages they are delivering and the manner in which they are relating to others since positive relationships and effective communication do not take place by chance. At times, unpleasant feeling can result towards misunderstanding, especially in situations where there is a lack or breakdown of communication (Clifton, 2006, p. 203). People will be more likely to communicate cooperatively and effectively if they are comfortable with the...
In our daily life, we may come across many situations that would allow us to take certain roles and to perform certain tasks that are not related to what we do regularly. A teacher might come across a situation where he has to take a role as a facilitator for team building that is related to various academic or non academic doings. The skills of cooperation and power are some of the skills that are needed to successfully overcome all the situations in the professional and personal life. The need of communication is also depending on the requirement of input from others. The more effectively a person can communicate, the more are the chances of gaining success in performing certain tasks that are being assigned throughout a person’s life. Communication is a process that is part of the individual's life, the minute one get's up in the morning, hence improving communication skills and being clear is an important and necessary requirement for all individuals.

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Communication Report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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