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This paper “The Impact of Sports: Recasting the Analysis in Context by C. Santo” is an attempt to critically evaluate the essay by Charles Santo. The author starts his write up in a challenging manner questioning the authenticity of the research done in the area of the economic impact of sports stadiums…
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The Impact of Sports: Recasting the Analysis in Context by C. Santo
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Critical Report of The Economic Impact of Sports: Recasting the Analysis in Context The author exposes the methodology of the research done by Baade and Dye and points the plausible reasons that diverted their findings towards an erroneous conclusion. According to the author, the data used in the above-mentioned research are ambiguous and those variables cannot be depended upon alike in the case of nine cities mentioned in that research. The cross section of data depending on such variables Baade and Dye have arrived at the conclusion that the sports facilities have potentially negative impacts on the economic development of local regions. What the author points out here is exactly acceptable and he attempted to analyze the same area of research by taking up more updated data and the current context of stadium buildings. This approach in research is very crucial in arriving at a conclusion and this is why Charles Santo is acceptable in my opinion. Moreover, unlike the research done by Baade and Dye, Santo has tried to incorporate both losing and gaining aspects of metropolitan teams, and so the conclusion would be more reliable and valid. In addition, he applied two unique variables to show the presence of either a new football stadium or a new baseball team instead of using merely a single dummy variable. This point is also an indicator of the recognizability of his research. The income data used in his research are as per the facts published by the Federal Reserve Bank. This enhances the color of the authenticity of the facts too. It is clear that football and baseball are not similar in terms of the impact they are exerting on some regions. In other words, even baseball itself has different ways of impact on economic development of various regions. For example, baseball stadiums have a positive impact on the economy of the regions like Phoenix, Seattle, and Tampa but the negative impact in other regions such as Chicago and Baltimore. To arrive at a conclusion by using such a mixed result will surely lead to wrong readings and interpretations. The author is more conscious about this point whereas the former researchers made a pooled analysis out of these undefined facts to draw a wrong conclusion. The author tried to distinguish between the impacts made by baseball stadium facilities and football stadium facilities by using unique dummy variables. The author in the essay maintains that the context of sports variable is to be examined and the importance of the context in this type of research is a crucial factor. In some regions, a particular game might have a very good popularity and this may help to strengthen its local economy. Read More
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