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Question: what are the future prospects for housing policy for people on low incomes - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date Due: What Are The Future Prospects For Housing Policy For People On Low Incomes? (A look at the policies that will address housing needs for the low-income population) Table of Contents Introduction 4 Background 5 Contemporary Context 8 Short Term Policies 10 Medium Term Policies 10 Long Term Policies 11 Recommendations 11 References 11 What Are The Future Prospects For Housing Policy For People On Low Incomes?…
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Question: what are the future prospects for housing policy for people on low incomes
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Extract of sample "Question: what are the future prospects for housing policy for people on low incomes"

Download file to see previous pages Developers focus on large amounts of returns with their eyes steadily fixed on how much they will gain from any unit they sell or rent out. This focus on high return housing investments by developers has technically locked out low income people out of proper ownership of a house. This has thrown majority of such people to slums where housing is relatively affordable. Even though such housing in slums seems affordable to many of these low income earners, the conditions of such houses are pathetic. There is a lot of congestion in slums, the available water resource is dirty and not suitable for human consumption and there is a lot of risks involved in living in such places. Governments, well wishers as well as NGOs need to come up with structures that will ensure that low income earners are given an opportunity to own or rent a house they can afford. Plans need to be put in place to ensure that even people with low incomes get proper housing for their children and families as a whole. The question therefore begs; how can such people be housed? How can they afford houses with their little incomes? Do the governments of the affected people take it up upon themselves to address the challenges of housing facing their citizens? There must be a solution to this problem. Strategies must be laid and put in place to ensure that this problem is solved in a short while before it is declared a disaster. Moreover, the disparity between the rich and the poor needs to be put in a close check as well. Developers need to have a cheaper option for people that find themselves in these categories. If this case is not swiftly addressed, our slums will continue to grow and grow and the problem will continue to bite us. The governments of such countries need not only to address the issue of housing for low income earners but also to address the issues that lead to this. Some of the issues are poverty, poor economies, increased gaps between the rich and the poor, and unemployment that has led to increased rural-urban migration to major towns. The issues enlisted above must fully be addressed for any progress to be made in the process of finding a decent and affordable shelter for people who have low incomes. This will not only provide shelters but keep our cities and towns clear of congestion and crime. Background Lack of adequate proper housing for the low income groups of people, the elderly and disabled members of our communities is not an event that came to be just the other day. It is not new that people are sheltered in very poor conditions but it has been an issue under discussion and consideration by so many nations and governments. “The housing problems facing low-income families have several dimensions—cost, availability, quality, location, and stability. Problems of cost and availability contribute to this nation’s widely acknowledged lack of affordable housing. Low-income households’ demand for affordable housing far exceeds the supply. Moreover, even if working families can find housing, it frequently consumes too much of their income. Substandard quality of housing often contributes to unhealthy or dangerous living conditions for some individuals and families. There is frequently a spatial mismatch between affordable housing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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