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Articles Review Name Institution Introduction Teenagers develop various disorders when growing up into adulthood a lot of which can be associated with the perception they have on themselves. It is common for young girls to suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia…
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Articles Review Two
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Articles Review Introduction Teenagers develop various disorders when growing up into adulthood a lot of which can be associated with the perception they have on themselves. It is common for young girls to suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. The article “Body/ mind split in pursuit of beauty: Understanding eating disorder through sociological perspective” gives insight to the causes behind the development of these disorders in teenagers. The main aim of the article is get into the mind of these young people and helps understand the struggles that they go through. Teenage boys on the other hand do develop disorders mostly related to drug abuse and other antisocial behavior such as violence. The article “Risky Decision and Their Consequences: Neural Processing by Boy with Antisocial Behavior” also tries to give insight on what goes through the teenage boys mind when they have such antisocial behavior. The first Article Description This article focuses on getting insight on what goes through the mind of a person before they even develop the disorder. At first, a person is impressed by seeing models with leans bodies in magazine and ads in other advertisement media. The society also contributes in the manner in which people construct beauty. The fact that people are complimented for losing weight gives a person pressure to get a lean body that they see is more ideal in the eyes of everyone. As such, they start to impose a diet on themselves that is aimed at helping those loose several pounds and get that body shape that they admire. However, with time they realize that even after losing a few pounds, they are still not able to get that body that they admire. This stresses them leading them to create even more extreme eating rules. This process is not only hurting to their self esteem but it also affects their health because they fail to supply the body with necessary nutrients. The article thus asserts that the perception that one is beautiful or not is a struggle between the body and the mind (Anon 2008). One can be satisfied if they are able to relate what they think and how their body looks. Pros and Cons One of the pros of this article is that it has given great insight on what goes through the mind of the eating disorder patients and how the society influences them. The author has given in deeper details what goes through the mind of the patient of an eating disorder before they even get the disorder, through the time they accept that they have a problem and seek treatment to the time they are able to overcome it completely. However, the study has one limitation is that it is very subjective. This is because the writing has mainly drawn evidence form one individual who is the author and this puts a question to the reliability of the findings. Insight Gained What I have learnt is that eating disorder is a psychological disorder and thus healing and intervention should be focused on changing the person’s perception of beauty. People develop eating disorders because of what the society has helps them construct in their mind on the perception of beauty. This thus implies that in order to overcome this issue, it would be crucial that the mindset of the society as is changed. Although it is unhealthy to be overweight, it does not mean that everyone should have extra thin bodies (Anon 2008). Beauty is all in the mind. Article two Description The article is a report of a study that seeks to identify the correlation of making of risky decision in adolescents with conduct and substance abuse (antisocial Substance Disorder). The hypothesis of the study was that the brain activation would be different in ASD boys and comparison boys when processing the punishment and reward. The experiment was conducted using of abstinent adolescents males undergoing treatment for ASD whose results were compared with 20 controls. The results of the experiment indicated that the adolescent with ASD showed neural hypo activity in making risky choices. They also showed reduced activity after experiencing reward and increased activity after punishment (Crowley et al 2010). This could be the reason why such boy tends to engage in risky life threatening behavior and can be reflected in older. Pros and Cons The experiment however had several limitations. To start with, the social economic status of the patient may have made rewards in form of money more attractive to the ASD group compared to the control group. Moreover, there was recorded great attention deficit scores in patient in periods expected to be of neural hypo activity. This could mean that winning could be as a result of total inattention (Crowley et al 2010). The patients examined also had multiple dysfunctions in the brain structure. It would thus be hard to identify which was affected by ASD. Insight Gained From this article, I learnt that drugs and genetic are not the only causes of risky decision making in adolescents displaying antisocial behavior. The neural responses to reward and punishment also play a great part. All these factors should thus be considered when intervening in such cases. Conclusion The information provided in the article has been effective in giving greater insight about dealing with disorders common to teenagers. Teenage years are the most difficult period of a person development and play a great role in shaping their life as adult. Dealing with such disorders as the ones discusses in the articles above in the effective way would ensure that the young people are directed to becoming useful members of the society. References Anonymous (2008). “The Body/ mind split in pursuit of beauty: Understanding eating disorder through sociological perspective”. Human Architecture: 157-167 Crowley, Thomas, J; Dalwani, Manish, S;Mikulich, Gibertson, Susan K; Du, Yuping, P; Lejuez, Carl, W (2010) Risky Decision and Their Consequences: Neural Processing by Boy with Antisocial Behavior”PloS One Read More
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