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Articles Review Two - Research Paper Example

Teenage boys on the other hand do develop disorders mostly related to drug abuse and other antisocial behavior such as violence. The article “Risky Decision and Their Consequences: Neural Processing by Boy with Antisocial Behavior” also tries to give insight on what goes through the teenage boys mind when they have such antisocial behavior. The first Article Description This article focuses on getting insight on what goes through the mind of a person before they even develop the disorder. At first, a person is impressed by seeing models with leans bodies in magazine and ads in other advertisement media. The society also contributes in the manner in which people construct beauty. The fact that people are complimented for losing weight gives a person pressure to get a lean body that they see is more ideal in the eyes of everyone. As such, they start to impose a diet on themselves that is aimed at helping those loose several pounds and get that body shape that they admire. However, with time they realize that even after losing a few pounds, they are still not able to get that body that they admire. This stresses them leading them to create even more extreme eating rules. This process is not only hurting to their self esteem but it also affects their health because they fail to supply the body with necessary nutrients. The article thus asserts that the perception that one is beautiful or not is a struggle between the body and the mind (Anon 2008). One can be satisfied if they are able to relate

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Journal Articles
The paper served as a review of research in sport leadership and provides implications for effective football management. Some history of association football management is provided insofar as the paper highlights that the position of manager in the UK is similar to the position of athletic director/head coach in the United States.
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Compartive review of two books relevance to South Asian history
As their contributions to nation as well as its people are invaluable, one should be very cautious in presenting even the minute details regarding them. This is quite applicable to the comparative study of Subhas Chandra Bose, the great Indian revolutionary, and Mother Theresa, the Nun Mother who taught the world the real values of love and kindness in human life.
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To Outline a Synthesis or Summary of two Quantitative Research Articles about Nursing Rounds
Basically, this study has been designed in order to establish the impacts of hourly rounds on patient falls, satisfaction as well as the level of their use of call light. This particular paper is a reproduction of the a quantitative research paper written by Christine M.
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The aim was to gain into an insight in order to understand more about anxiety and mood disorder issues. The first article tested the validity in the adult population with mood disorders and questionnaires about mood disorders were formulated in a psychiatric outpatient research study.
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Reflection on two articles
By virtue of it being so broad in its scope, it has ended up losing a compact and technical usage. To this extent it is not to be treated as a term in sociological or political science discourse. Nevertheless, by stating its various manifestations in diverse contexts, the authors do make clear the centrality of ‘Muslim politics’ to the followers of the religion.
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Identify qualitative methodology in journal articles and critically review its applicability to the study
The chosen research instruments for this study were designed to capture the essence of gender power, role identity, and how gender power is distributed through the organizational hierarchy. The chosen research
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Critique of Research Articles
Sample characteristic: ‘Dry weight reductions in relation to hypertensive haemodialysis patients’ trail were taken into consideration. The sample population in the study has been adequately defined. Sampling Method: Random sampling method has been used for
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Literature Review
lized arguments, and Ridder et al.’s article that focused on NPO, prove that the performance of the organization is attributable to HR practitioners in shaping the organization and the employees. The article, written by Buller and McEvoy (2012), entitled "Strategy, Human
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The rationale for change is informed by the diversity of workers in terms of their race and gender, where Wal-Mart and other prominent firms are highlighted. In the
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Critique Two Articles 0.5 page each
Firstly, it does not describe in detail the effects of promoting health among teens on dietary, physical activity, and substance use knowledge and behavior in African American adolescents. Sample size
1 pages (250 words)Research Paper
what they think and how their body looks. Pros and Cons One of the pros of this article is that it has given great insight on what goes through the mind of the eating disorder patients and how the society influences them. The author has given in deeper details what goes through the mind of the patient of an eating disorder before they even get the disorder, through the time they accept that they have a problem and seek treatment to the time they are able to overcome it completely. However, the study has one limitation is that it is very subjective. This is because the writing has mainly drawn evidence form one individual who is the author and this puts a question to the reliability of the findings. Insight Gained What I have learnt is that eating disorder is a psychological disorder and thus healing and intervention should be focused on changing the person’s perception of beauty. People develop eating disorders because of what the society has helps them construct in their mind on the perception of beauty. This thus implies that in order to overcome this issue, it would be crucial that the mindset of the society as is changed. Although it is unhealthy to be overweight, it does not mean that everyone should have extra thin bodies (Anon 2008). Beauty is all in the mind. Article two Description The article is a report of a study that seeks to identify the correlation of making of risky decision in adolescents with conduct and substance abuse (antisocial Substance Disorder). The hypothesis of the study was that the brain activation would be different in ASD boys and comparison boys when processing the punishment and reward. The experiment was conducted using of abstinent adolescents males undergoing treatment for ASD whose results were compared with 20 controls. The results of the experiment indicated that the adolescent with ASD showed neural hypo activity in making risky choices. They also showed reduced


Articles Review Name Institution Introduction Teenagers develop various disorders when growing up into adulthood a lot of which can be associated with the perception they have on themselves. It is common for young girls to suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia…
Articles Review Two
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