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Domestic violence: Fighting violence with nonviolent action - Research Paper Example

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Domestic violence: Fighting Violence with Nonviolent Action Name Institution Domestic violence: Fighting Violence with Nonviolent Action Domestic violence is defined as the act of violent confrontation among household or family members which involves physical harm, fear of harm which is normally physical, or sexual assault…
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Domestic violence: Fighting violence with nonviolent action
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"Domestic violence: Fighting violence with nonviolent action"

Download file to see previous pages In domestic violence, the batterer mainly uses various series of behaviors and acts of violence which include threats, intimidation, isolation to coerce, psychological abuse and attempts to control the other affected person. Domestic violence is not only in the form of sexual violence and physical but it also includes psychological violence. There are diverse meanings of psychological violence but generally it refers to repetitive and intense degradation which creates isolation and controls the behaviors and actions of the other spouse by means of manipulation or intimidation to the individual detriment. Evidently, domestic violence deeply destroys homes. Recent research has shown that a lot of people use domestic violence to maintain or gain power in order to control the other intimate partner. In order to achieve this, the person uses various acts of manipulation, humiliation, terrorism, intimidation, blame, and wound or injures the other partner (Cefrey, 2009). Consequently, it is paramount to note that domestic violence can be fought against by use of non violent action. Nonviolent action refers to the various means of bringing positive social change mainly without hurting others. The meaning of nonviolent action is simple though it is very difficult to comprehend since the society generally equates strength, power and effectiveness with competition, violence and domination. The society contends that those people who do not destroy their opponents are either insane, cowards or saints. However, acts of retaliation do not conform to effective social change which is fundamental in achieving nonviolent actions. Additionally, for a person to be effective requires that they have a carefully planned list of actions that they should consider to take in order to impact positively on each person they encounter (Johnson & Grant, 2005). In accordance to McCue (2008), violence refers to physically hurting someone, it then follows that nonviolence refers to merely refraining from any physical attacks. Nonviolence actions are unfortunately confused with indifference, self-restraint, cowardice, righteous hostility or even passivity. Violence however takes a number of forms which include passive and active, psychological and physical. It is worthwhile noting that nonviolence actions are also very varied and the aspects of attitude and motivation primarily distinguish both concepts of violence and nonviolence actions as shown in the chart below: Type of Behavior (Motivations/Attitudes) Active/Assertive/Aware (Initiating responsive) Passive/Inattentive (Unresponsive, perhaps timid) Violent (Malice, indifference, fear, hostility, revenge, spite, self-righteous) Molesting or beating a child Waging war Destroying the environment Thwarting or oppressing others Threatening economic ruin or bodily harm Sexually abusing or raping someone Belittle Fatalism Neglecting a child under one’s care Using sex, TV, sex or food to numb oneself Allowing poverty, disease, starvation, sexism, ecological destruction, racism, rape, child abuse, hatred, classism to exist Neutral (Self-preservation, ignorance) Working in order to earn a living Ignoring destruction and injustice Having unemotional sex usually for procreation Being neighborly Eating for nourishment Being solitude Avoiding dangerous situations Collecting interest and dividends Test-tube insemination Restrain from provocation Being unaware of destruction or injustice Nonviolent (Compassion, love, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Domestic violence economic coercion – that adults and adolescents use against an intimate partner. This intimate partner may be father, mother, grandparents, siblings, spouse, uncles, aunts, stepparents and family friends. Since violence at domestic level is directly against a very close relation, there are least probabilities for the involvement of police or other law enforcing agencies due to the very fact that people seldom seek the help from outside just for the maintenance of relationship on the one hand, and for protecting the family from collapse and ruination or the other. Somehow, it does not mean that law and ethics do not allow action against such offenders. On the contrary, such violent...
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...Our society despite its evolution faces a serious problem called domestic violence. Domestic violence can be defined as physical and emotional abuse used by one person in a relationship to control the other (Domesticviolence, 2009). Domestic violence is an unacceptable social behavior that hurts the couples involved in the act as well as the kids that have to watch their parents fighting all the time. Many times the victims are not willing to speak out against his or her mate because the person fears things will get worse if they speak about it with another person or governmental agency. The purpose of this paper is to...
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...Topic: Lecturer: Presentation: Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious crime and is committed by an intimate partner (husband, wife, boy friend, girlfriend, relatives) to another although sometimes it is by a stranger. Violence is defined as “intentional use of physical force, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, group or community which results into injury, death, psychological harm or deprivation” (Finley, 2013 p. 51). Domestic violence can take the form of physical violence, emotional violence, sexual assault, and stalking. In this case, Sarah is being...
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...A LETTER TO THE EDITOR The letter is in response to Laura Kinsler’ pasco tribune feature of the New York journal constitution’s guest blog titled, ‘boyfriend charged in fatal Zephyrhills duplex fire’ by Tampa Media Group. The aim of the response is to show clearly how domestic violence destroys a family. It is such a remorseful and shocking situation to learn the death of such a young and resourceful woman, Tiffany Lorraine Milam (Dutton, 2010). The woman had an earlier experience of domestic violence as she stayed with her boyfriend (Kinsler, 2014). Henry went to jail due to possession of Marijuana, and it is after his release that the incident happened. From a personal...
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...caused by domestic violence (Wolfe et al., 2003). Through the use of media, the World Health Organization (2009) explained that it will be much easier to educate all male individuals that masculinity is not all about hurting women. 2.4.3 Promote Women Empowerment Women empowerment is all about educating women about their powers and unique identity which can be used to increase their quality of life (Boraian, 2008, p. 26). Earlier it was mentioned that economic abuse or the total dependency on husband or a partner is one of the main causes why domestic violence becomes an unreported cycle (Chan, 2011; Adams et al., 2008). In the process of empowering women, this group...
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Domestic Violence be demolished for creating full picture of the problem in its modern condition. There is a number of researches attempting to discover the causes of domestic violence. For instance, specialists of a Domestic Violence Intervention Project consider the cases and repeating cycles of domestic violence to be a result of a desire to establish control over the victim. The main factor of a man’s aggressive behavior is the denial of responsibility for the committed actions. Another theory, known as the theory of resistance, was offered by Allan Jenkinson, an American psychologist. He believes that social factors and personal...
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