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Sociology. Purpose and types of Sociology used today - Essay Example

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ociology is an ancient subject that specializes in the human societies. It is among the social sciences that come up in the 18th century through the works of philosophers like Auguste Comte, Emilie Durkheim, and Max Weber among others (Scott 2006)…
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Sociology. Purpose and types of Sociology used today
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Download file to see previous pages However, Sharma 2007 argues that ,this social science got a poor response from people, and was only used for academic subject way behold the 20th century. This was done through the courtesy of Karl Marx, one of the philosophers who come up with the modern communism as a way to encourage the significance of the people in the discipline. Apparently, numerous definitions have emerged over time to give more explanations of this discipline. Some scholars define ‘sociology as the study of society, which entails the human interactions and relationships’. Others define ‘sociology’ as the scientific study of human behavior within society’ (Sharma 2007). In essence, sociology is the study of the social world, human beings and their behavior patterns. This is done through focusing on ways in which people structure relationships, and how the relationship contributes towards the larger society. According to Shepard 2010, philosophers want to know the effect that is caused by the groups in which people are associated to in terms of birth and or membership. These groups include family, work, education among others meant to shape the behavior of the human beings. Three main ways have been used to intensify the study the social world. They include, scientific, systematic and objective. These definitions give a description of behavior, and knowledge that is used to analyses the social life. Sociology in terms of objectivity has the tendency of creating knowledge that is accurate, and does not rely on the opinion. Thus, sociology does not embrace biasness into research. Additionally, sociology in a systematical approach entails using questionnaires, observations, and other methods that are managed by certain evidential rules (Somekh and Lewin 2005). Simply, sociology attempts to generate knowledge that is factual in regard to human behavior. This is done by generating statements with the nature of the social world, factual both theoretically and practically. For instance, men have larger brains than women. Hence, biologically men are larger than women in terms of brain size to average body weight. Sociology as a social perspective entails looking at a social phenomenon in a specific way in the social world. This is done by the sociologist who struggle to take note on the human social behavior. Of importance to note is that sociologist have diverse perspective in, which they view the social world (Scott 2006). Goertz 2006 argues that, sociological perspective emphasizes on the social context of people’s lives, and the impact of their influence their society through the shared culture and territory. According to sociological philosopher by the name Mills, sociological imagination also known as perspective gives people the chance to understand the relationship between history and biography. Basically, the way people think and the way they do is greatly influenced by the society in which we live in. Purpose of Sociology Sociology plays very crucial roles in society. First, sociology ensures that it gives an explanation pertaining to a specific social phenomenon in details (Smith and Kornblum 2012). It makes generalizations by going beyond a specific case, and making declarations that are related to a broader group. For instance, a sociologist may want to explain not only why a human being behaves in a certain character, but also the reason as to why the other people with the similar characteristics are likely to behave in the same manner. In sociology, to achieve generalizations, sociologist must be in a position to look for patterns, recurring characteristics, and events. Another scientific objective is to ensure that, as an academic discipline it is able to foretell with regard to the current ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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