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The North South Gap - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The North-South Gap” the author analyzes the Northern regions, which are characterized by the life expectancy of 80 years compared to their Southerners regions whose life expectancy is said to be 47 years. The mortality rate is also very soaring in the South region…
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The North South Gap
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Extract of sample "The North South Gap"

Download file to see previous pages The governments in the South region are unable to afford employment to their uncontrollable population. However, the Northern regions are associated with a superior percentage of middle-class individuals and a very dismal percentage of unemployed. The governments in the Northern zones are capable of providing jobs to their manageable population. Mostly, the people from the Southern regions tend to maneuver their ways to the North in such for good jobs (Aneek 205-207). In terms of education, the Southern regions provide exorbitant education to their superior population. The cost of education is incredibly high in these regions. In addition, there are very few educational amenities such as universities and colleges to facilitate the education process. The education amenities are stretched since the population outweighs the conveniences. The school enrolment pace in primary is about 65.7%. The teacher-student ratio is almost 1 to 50. Nonetheless, the Northern regions, with their manageable population, provide accessible education for all. The learning facilities are ample to suit the population. Enough resources are available to employ more teachers’ hence low instructor to learner ratio. The primary school enrolment rate is 98.9%. The paramount dilemma with the health sector is undernourishment. The Southern regions are characterized by drought such as Somali hence cannot provide enough food to the nation. Political unsteadiness and civil wars eliminate peaceful environment for foodstuff making. For instance, in Congo, the land is very fertile but the civil war cannot allow its citizens to work towards food production. Families in South regions are large thus cannot be well managed by the low income. If poverty would make someone go starving, then the same individual may treat education as a luxury. The overstretched educational services do not provide a conducive environment for the population in the Southern regions. In some instances, a class may have a bigger number of students. Overpopulation, for instance in Nigeria is out of hand and therefore teacher to pupil ratio is high. A trainer is incapable to concentrate on a few students hence plummeting eminence of learning. The income level in the Southern region is very low and is characterized by an underprivileged working environment such as long working hours. The low-income make most people walk to working places whilst restricting individuals from satisfactorily providing for their families. Various reasons have been deemed responsible for the existence of the gap between North and South divides. One of the root cause of this socioeconomic break up is economic power possessed by the Northerners as opposed to the Southerners. The Northerners have enough resources to carry out whatever they believe essential. There are well-established companies in the Northern regions that provide employment opportunities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The North South Gap Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 5)
The North South Gap Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 5.
“The North South Gap Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 5”, n.d.
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