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Name Professor Course Date Schlosser's Argument in Chapter 1 of Reefer Madness Is Effective What is Schlosser’s argument? In Reefer Madness, the author, Eric Schlosser argues on the level of success attained in a fast food nation using low quality articles…
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Schlossers argument in chapter 1 of Reefer Madness is effective
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Download file to see previous pages Schlosser argues that the black market in the US market brings in illegal cash into the economy in spite of the bans in place. Therefore, Schlosser views that black market operations should be legalized (Schlosser, 1). When reading the book the elements adopted makes it sound like a magazine. This is due to the investigative nature of the book. Despite the nature of the book, the articles in place are interesting. The fast food nation articles concentrate on the American blind nature in the society. Schlosser views the societal leaders as thoughtless, and gearing their motivation from the political environment. This encourages the concentration level experienced on the business side of cheap labor, sex, and drugs. The fast food nation provides facts that have not been adequately reviewed (Schlosser, 2). The facts released by Schlosser concerning Marijuana, pornography and illegal immigrants do not have enough evidence in a complex argument. In relation to Marijuana, Schlosser tries to convince the government of the United States ill-thinking mind via the war on Marijuana. Schlosser fails in convincing the government since; he did not take time to make the government buy in to his request. Schlosser should have focused on convincing the United States government on the role that marijuana plays, or the laws that go against marijuana in the large American society, when trying to convince the government (Schlosser, 3). How does he support his argument? According to Schlosser the underground economy generates a significant amount of income. If such commodities are legalized the country will attract a significant amount of GDP. Schlosser bases his arguments on Adam Smith’s economic theories which tackled life, freedom and estate. The phrase was amended by Thomas Jefferson in independence declaration (Schlosser, 4). United States removed the feudal and noble culture replacing them with republican loyalty to the market place perfection. The black market entails selling of commodities yet, the state has no record or report concerning the sale. The act is usually common in dealing with illegal products and services in the economy. This is because the individuals in this business undertake the operations illegally. Economist usually ends up predicting the value of such commodities; as the actual value of illegal products has no records (Schlosser, 4). Some scholars indicate that the price of underground commodities can be predicted via determining the difference between the amounts surrendered for taxation minus the purchasing power of an individual, the value that is actually spent. Similarly, other scholars view that the amount can be calculated via observing the changes that occur in the speed of money, the currency in circulation, and levels of electricity consumption (Schlosser, 6). Underground trade in America has increasing grown from the past thirty years. Schlosser views that the trade of Marijuana and should be legalized as statistics confirm the value the country would have reaped in the business. Fredrich Schneider studies the changes in currency that affected the G.D.P of America between the years 1970- 1994 from 2.6% to 9.4% respectively. In 1994 Charles Rossoti, commissioner in charge of internal revenue service, reported a loss of $200 billion through federal tax owed by the government. The amount surpasses the amount spent yearly on Medicare (Schlosser, 5) According to Schlosser (9), Marijuana contains both the legal and economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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