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Social Problems that we face in uae - Research Paper Example

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Domestic Violence in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) There are many social problems facing the people of United Arab Emirates. Domestic violence has a persistent problem in the region. Women are being abused each day and there is no much to help them. The law gives the man the ultimate right to punish a woman or a child even by physical violence…
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Social Problems that we face in uae
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Download file to see previous pages Domestic violence is a form of sexual, verbal, psychological, or physical abuse between intimate partners, spouses, or relatives. Individuals in abusive relationships usually cycle between episodes of honeymoon and violence phases. The cycle generally happens when the perpetrator of violence asks for forgiveness and promises to change. Signs of abuse range from depression to bruises on the body. Most of the people do not see domestic violence as something that affects the community and this view is still held regardless of the growing awareness. However, in the past few years, more women have been seeking help from foundations and Dubai Police (Nereim, 2011). It is important to note that it is still a problem for most of the victims of domestic violence to present themselves before the authorities. Majority of the victims blame themselves, some going as far as stating that they are the cause of the problems that they are facing. Others fear reporting their issues because they believe that it will worsen the situation. Apart from fear, there are few federal resources for victims of domestic violence and thus most of them do not know where to go (Nereim, 2011). Staff Reporter (2012) states that family rows in the United Arab Emirates are increasing annually with domestic violence taking approximately three and five percent of the entire family dispute cases. The number of family disputes in the United Arab Emirates is increasing by around 20% each year (Staff Reporter, 2012). Reliable statistics on domestic crimes in the UAE are unavailable and this is because children and women rarely have the courage to report the issues and seek the support they require. A study conducted by the Ministry of Interior’s Creativity and Leaders Development Centre showed that of the 100 domestic violence cases conveyed to Abu Dhabi Police Social Support Centre, 90% of the victims are female and 90% of the aggressors are male. The statement also showed that social factors like the dominant role offered to males in society play an active role in the menace. The same report indicates that close to 73% (three-quarters) of the victims are women (wives), 16% are children and approximately 8% of them are husbands (Staff Reporter, 2012). Though domestic violence has not become a spectacle in the UAE, authorities are proactive in the launch of initiatives to address the problem. To fight the domestic violence issue, the authorities in UAE have been training female criminal investigators. They have also been building safe havens in Abu Dhabi like the Comprehensive Protection Family Centre for battered children and women. This is a way of encouraging the battered children and women to give information and report abuse. In UAE, domestic violence is manifested by physical and mental assault on children and women. However, it is rare for such cases to affect men (Staff Reporter, 2012). The laws in the UAE safeguard women and children’s rights of protection and care in and out of their homes. In the UAE Constitution, Article 16 requires that a child, mother, and a disabled person gets good and free care. Several laws in the UAE such as those on penal code, civil status, and labor penalize ill-treatment, abuse, and violence. The nation is currently working on more comprehensive and specialized laws that permit better penalty and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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