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Philosophy of Education - The impact of social and economic forces on university - Research Paper Example

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This paper comprehensively reviews various economic and social factors, that influence functioning of the universities in a great measure. In a modern world, universities play an incredibly significant role in the economic growth and development in the society. …
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Philosophy of Education - The impact of social and economic forces on university
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Extract of sample "Philosophy of Education - The impact of social and economic forces on university"

Download file to see previous pages For most of the public universities and the research institutions, less than the one-third of income collected comes from government, grants, income generation and the majority comes from donations (Kirst-Ashman 92). Competition has been a driving force in the universities. Competition for best facilities, students, research grants in order for them to have better and efficient process in their management. On the other hand, societal trends and developments have also influenced the higher institutions in one way or another. Academics have been attributed to the needs of new curricula, new initiative and the interest of the external forces. Many of the universities are established on the basis that they cater for certain developing need of the society and individuals in them. Society and education are entities that are tightly bound, and they cannot be easily separated (Garibaldi 30). Society is an extended group of people having a distinguishing cultural and economic association. This clearly depicts that the human beings are the building block of society. Therefore, they are also the greatest facilitators of educations in any institution especially the universities (Garibaldi 30). The population in the society is increasing, and so are the needs of people (Turner 46). External forces arise from common economic trends, demographic factors and specific requirements of funding sources. These have for a long time affected the direction and shaped the image of universities. They control the nature and scope of research conducted by the teams in the school (Clark, Abramovitz and Ginzberg 75). Society gets to influence the universities both in a positive manner and also in a negative way. The social...
This paper is one of the best examples of analysis of the impacts of the global social and the economic forces on universities. The effect of the societies and the economy has affected the way universities are managed and developed. Universities are subject matter to pressures and manipulation from external societal forces of different kinds from various places.
The exceeding numerous financial challenges recurrently affect these institutions in one way or another. Every one of them even the most well off, has been depending on the outside elements for financial endurance. This is inclusive of the tuition fee availed from student’s funds, generous donations from former students and some income generating ventures . Finances which come from the government are extremely critical and useful. These endowments are accessible to students in higher earning institutions.In the past years, higher education has been a form of investment on the human capital, which in the long run benefited the society.
The significant base of knowledge from the universities has been the center of attraction for most people, and this has increased the pressures from the society more than ever.
Education played an essential role in supporting this growth and improving equality. The manufacturing based program and export led to growth strategy of these economies. Then later the industries thought of ways to improve on their labor force and the production of the materials and other services. This led to the founding of higher centers of education.
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