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Child Soldiers - Assignment Example

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The current report “Child Soldiers” aims at highlighting the issue of child soldiers and relates to the extent to which this problem is gaining pace and the measures that are being done to address the issue world over. Children have been subjected to a violation of their human rights. …
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Child Soldiers
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Download file to see previous pages The need to be able to earn a livelihood and support one's family in terms of earning mere amounts of money for younger siblings or suffering parents made many children become part of the worldwide child soldier community. The reasons that may thus prompt a child to become a child soldier may be the thought to support a poor family, separation from family or child running away due to unfavorable living circumstances, children displaced from their homes, children living in war zones, and children who may have little or no access to education. Orphans and children from refugee camps all over the world become acute targets of being enrolled as child soldiers as well. Owing to all the above-mentioned possibilities it may we be assessed that social and economic pressures are the main key behind this grave issue. Children whose families live in warzones may have lost any of their close family members and resultantly may aim to avenge this incident by adopting to becoming a child soldier themselves. "UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has condemned child soldiering as a “damaging and despicable practice” (Child Soldiers, 13) Feelings of uncertainty and insecurity prevail in underdeveloped societies. Families see their and their children's' survival only if they'd be equipped with arms and would be trained to fight for their rights no matter to whatever extent of training it may involve. In addition to all this, the providing of free food, clothing, and lodging for their children and security are also very attractive incentives for them. Societal issues are also a major trigger of the increasing number of child soldier recruitments. For underdeveloped societies where the countries are in a state of unrest, it is not uncommon for young children to have lost a single or both parents and to get caught at the hands of the child hunting mafia to get eventually ending up as a militia's recruit. At times the elders purposely brainwash their children and convince them to willingly become militants so as to boost their fighting force against their potential enemies. The Concept In certain societal adverse circumstances children may be forced to join armed forces. If they resist they may be threatened to be killed. ("Why do Children Become Soldiers?",n.p.). Child soldiers are not part of mainly the official armies of nations but are rather recruited on a regular basis by armed political groups who need fresh blood, conveniently replaceable, potentially harmless and energetic individuals at a very rapid rate. The numbers of recruits are in tens and thousands and their recruitments are both legal and forcible. As a part of their training, these poor recruits are subject to all kinds of non-ethical behaviors such as rape, violence, hard labor and other forms of exploitation as well as being trained to use all sorts of weapons under the harshest of survival conditions. ("Child Soldiers" 13) The experiencing of harsh and violent conditions at one's own hands and at such a trivial age of being below eighteen results at the undermining of humanity in the child's conscience.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Soldiers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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