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A Theory of Middleman Minorities - - Speech or Presentation Example

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A Theory of Middleman Minorities: Part 2 Stage 2: Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Name Institutional Affiliation A Theory of Middleman Minorities: Project 2 Stage 2: Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Slide 1 The article that was extensively and comprehensively reviewed is entitled “A Theory of Middleman Minorities” which was written by Edna Bonacich and published in the American Sociological Review in October of 1973…
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A Theory of Middleman Minorities - Speech
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, as traders, middleman minorities’ customers are deemed members of marginalized racial or ethnic groups which allegedly are segregated from the majority group. As specifically noted by Bonacich (1973) the term was likewise synonymous with other terms coined by different authors in various researches, to include terminologies such as “middle- man trading peoples," (from ) Becker (1956, pp. 225-237), "migrant intermediation," from Schermerhor (1970, pp. 74-76), "marginal trading peoples," and "permanent minorities," from the study written by Stryker in 1959 (p. 583). Slide 3 The examples provided by Bonacich (1973) in the article for a group of people appropriately representing ‘middleman minorities’ include: the Jews in Europe, the Chinese in Southeast Asia, Asians in East Africa, Armenians in Turkey, Syrians in West Africa, Parsis in India, as well as Japanese and Greeks in the United States (p. 583). It could therefore be noted that these groups of people come from diverse ethnic, racial and cultural orientations and migrate to a foreign land which is different from their native homeland. Slide 4 The aim of the study therefore, or what the author wants to answer is to develop an alternative framework/model which explains the evolution and sustained presence of middleman minorities. From one’s evaluation and review, the author wants to answer this to serve three objectives: (1) to rationalize the presence of noted host hostilities, which would be presented and discussed in greater detail later; (2) to determine the reasons for apparent abandonment of the minority groups’ desire to return to their native land or country of origin; and (3) to finally confirm the status of ‘middleman minorities’ in the host countries through their experiences, challenges, and attempts for economic and social integration in the host countries. Slide 5 To enable Bonacich (1973) to achieve the defined aim, she developed a schematic representation of the development and perpetuation of the middleman minority position through Figure 1 in the article. The visual presentation was elaborated and expounded by Nestorowicz (2011) to clearly identify relevant relationships and variables presented in Bonacich’s (1973) theory. From the visual illustration, it could be determined that the most relevant variables are those contained in the boxes, such as economic position, solidarity, host hostility, ambivalence towards place of residence (for being considered and perceived as a stranger), the desire to return to home country (described as sojourning), and the desire to remain in the host country. Slide 6 The key characteristics of the ‘middleman minorities’, as depicted from the model, include: (1) middleman minorities (MM) begin as sojourners ( immigrants who do not plan to settle permanently) (p. 584); (2) MM manifesting thriftiness to enhance economic position and select portable occupations, such as “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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