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Vulnerable adults in the UK - Essay Example

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This paper draws on a considerable literature identifying the position of a particular group of vulnerable adults in the United Kingdom (UK). Clearly, this paper focuses on the position of adults with learning disability in the UK. …
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Vulnerable adults in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages The review is based on various premises such as the challenges faced by the group of individuals with learning disability and communication difficulties. It explores on how the above mentioned group of individual are homogeneous and therefore, the type of impairment they have does not clearly define the people and their experience (Brown 2006 p.16). Other types of premises explored in this paper are the theories and the ethical considerations behind the recent policy and the legislative initiatives on the main causes of and the response to abuse and oppression to the people with learning disability in the United Kingdom. In addition, this paper evaluates the various benefits that the adults with learning disability in the U.K have obtained as a result of the implementation of the recent policy and legislative initiatives. For instance, the government in the U.K has introduced a policy where the adults with learning disabilities are allowed to live their lives just like any other individual in the community and they are supposed to be treated with equal respect and dignity. The government is committed to developing the lifestyles of adults with learning disabilities and the moral and financial support provided by their relatives. Therefore, this means inclusion for the adults who are excluded and empowering those who are provided with services in order to make decisions that shape their lives. Notably, there are various vulnerable groups in the United Kingdom. ...
Consequently, the above mentioned programmes for the vulnerable groups introduced various economic mechanisms such as back-to-work schemes and job creation schemes. In addition, the government in the United Kingdom offered financial support to all potential workers of the vulnerable groups to enhance their living styles. Other types of vulnerable groups in the United Kingdom include men who have their sex with men, heterosexuals, black Africans, injecting-drug users, prisoners, children who are born to HIV-Positive pregnant women and sex workers. Nevertheless, this paper demonstrates the clear position of adults with learning disability in the United Kingdom (Brown 2006 p.24). Adults with learning disabilities are very unique individuals in the community and they have their own likes and dislikes, opinions and history. Nevertheless, adults with learning disabilities in the United Kingdom have equal rights as everyone else. It is evident that about 1.5 million adults’ people in the United Kingdom have learning disabilities, which is defined as a lifelong condition and it is neither a disease or an illness. Adults with learning disability in the United Kingdom have various characteristics such as significant impairment of challenge and impairment of adaptive functioning. Notably, for the people with learning disability, their age of onset happen before their adulthood. Clearly, intelligence is measured by use of a cognitive assessment, which gives individuals an intelligence quotient (IQ) (Mantell & Scragg 2008, p.40). A particular test on IQ is aimed at investigating person’s abilities, which include knowledge, expression, comprehension, memory, abstract thinking and problem thinking skills. The above mentioned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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