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Classical argument - Research Paper Example

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Name Date Classical Argument Introduction Social media or social network is today an integral part of our lives. Social media is more than just sharing of information and ideas. The most common used form of social media includes Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogs…
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Classical argument
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Download file to see previous pages This was followed by the emergence of websites. To date, this great network has grown into a worldwide web accessible to all. This has transformed the internet into a mainstream phenomenon (Sparks 31-35). What has prompted expansion of the internet is growth of devices such laptop, desktop computers, notebooks and Smartphone’s. The use of social site has the potential to change our social lives. This is likely to happen at an interpersonal and community level. Group of the user that mostly relies on the social site is young people. In fact, changes in interactions patterns and social connection are usually evident amongst young people. In summary, social sites have enabled connection between individuals. On a society level, there is increased interaction and sometimes-low transaction cost of finding and connecting with each other. In United States, social sites are part of daily activities of the people especially the youths. However, the usage of social sites is rapidly spreading to old people and other groups. Consequently, there will be social impacts resulting from majority use of these sites. Recently, there have been both positive and negative outcomes because of involvement in online social networking. However, other studies tend to agree that internet communication may supplement traditional social behavior (Australian Psychology Society Web). More studies have indicated that social networking has a positive impact on social interaction and wellbeing (Australian Psychology Society Web). On the other hand, there are negatives that stem from social networking. This paper seeks to delve on positive and negatives of social media, and finally reaffirms that social media negatives impact far outweighs the positive impact. Positive Effects Social media have had a positive effect on society. Firstly, social media have provided an opportunity to know many people in a quick and easy way. Social media has also helped teenagers with social and physical challenge to build a relationship with their friends and families (Tay 1). In fact, children who go overseas to study can still be able to maintain a meaningful contact with their parents at home. In the society, there exists evidence to prove that social media have had a profound influence in today’s society. For example, in United States prior to the general election key presidential candidates relied on social media to propagate their manifestos. In fact, president Obama won the election through the effective use of social media to gain access to million of voters and audience (Tay 1). Tay also notes that his campaign had generated and distributed massive contents and messages that were delivered through various social sites. The most famous advert that was sent through the social media in the campaign was “Because it’s about you” and managed to use the right form of media to reach huge number of people (Tay 1). Obama campaigns had more than five million friends on more than ten social sites (Tay 1). In addition, more than 2000 YouTube videos were posted and watched more than 80 million times (Tay 1). In addition, social media is a good alternative form of communication especially in emergencies. This was evident in Haiti after a devastating earthquake. At this time, there was a communication breakdown. The rest of the world was shielded from the happenings in Haiti. To enhance the sharing of information and overcome the difficulties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Classical Argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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