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Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation - Research Paper Example

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Tom Bergin’s Tavern Restaurant Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date when Due Tom Bergin’s Tavern Restaurant Introduction Tom Bergin’s Tavern is located on Fairfax Avenue at Los Angeles in California. It was opened by Tom Bergin in 1936 and is one of the oldest restaurants that operates successfully in Los Angeles…
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Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The Irish coffee produced in the restaurant also makes it famous among the other Irish Restaurants. There is a large sign with the shape of shamrock that is placed in front of the building indicated ‘House of Irish Coffee’. The sign has been there since 1950s (Los Angeles: The complete residents' guide 2008). The Visits to Tom Bergin’s Tavern Restaurant The visits to Tom Bergin’s Tavern Restaurant took place on Sunday 24th, November 2012. One of the visits was between 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and the other from 6.00 pm to 8.00pm. The two visits had a total of four hours each with two hours. The main aim was to capture what happens during lunch and supper periods, analyze and present as a research paper. The welcoming at the entrance was warm by a hostess. The hostess would lead the customers to the tables after welcoming them with a broad smile. The researcher sat at the middle of the restaurant at a table of four. By then the restaurant was not full thus the researcher found himself sitting alone. The interior design of the restaurant was appealing to the eyes. From outside, the restaurant seemed a bit old but the feeling vanished with the internal sight. The decor matched with the mood of the restaurant. There was a soft music during lunch time which became louder in the evening. The color of the floor matched that of the linen. The linen includes the table clothes, napkins and the curtains. The tiles on the floor were spotless clean. The window panes were so clear that one thought that there were none. The lighting which was only realized in the evening gave the dinner mood. It was neither too bright nor too dull (News 2009). The seating arrangement catered for various numbers of customers. There wee tables for two, four and even for a group of eighteen people. All the seats were inside making most of the customers to sit by the windows during the day. These were the customers who preferred sitting outside. From the central position of the restaurant, the researcher would clearly observe the activities taking place. After the hostess takes the customers to the table, she introduces them to a waiter who would in turn offer them a menu to go through. The waiters would explain the menu to the customers and then take the order. The most admirable thing was the speed of service. Food and beverages took almost no time to reach the table. The customers were very enthused by this and they would wonder openly for the speed. The service staffs were in casual attire which looked almost similar. The supervisors were in suits and were very concerned about the satisfaction of the customers. They would go round asking the customers whether they would like to make another order. The waiters were engaging themselves in a conversation with the customers throughout the service period. This made the customers to feel at home and spend more. The level of consumption was above average in most tables. The researcher’s observation was being interrupted by the waiters who kept on asking him whether he was to make another order. The cup of coffee ordered by the researcher took so long on the table since the sipping was slow. The aim of the visit was to carry out a research and not to spend. So, the researcher did not have enough money to spend. Unlike other restaurant that the researcher had visited, it was the waiters who would do inquiry for the customers to make other orders. Most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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