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Ehtics In Research - Essay Example

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Ethics in Research Name Institution Ethics in Research The study on the “Abused Abuser” focused on a matter the touches on children subjects and a topic that is both sensitive and ethically volatile. Child abuse particularly of a sexual nature is a subject requires the application of various ethical safeguards as understood within the framework of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)…
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Ehtics In Research
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Download file to see previous pages The subject matter required a high level of confidentiality. Exposure of certain subjects or identities of persons involved in the research would adversely affect their freedoms, rights to privacies, and other concerns that touched on the sensitive aspects of the participants. In line with requirements spelt out in Institutional Review Board (IRB), the research this research had to train some sufficient focus on some specific aspects of life that required the provision of safeguards to guard against any risks that the research would pose to the people involved in the study (Barsky, 2009). The nature of this research is that it touched on children and on the topic of sexual abuse. The topic of social abuse has the potential of rousing various forms of sentiments, which affect the lives of children in various ways. On this note, it becomes important to consider the fact that most of the issues mentioned in the research necessarily relate to the manner in which human subjects are treated within the course of the study. ...
Children have weak sensibilities. They do not have clarity of assessments that could shield them from the adverse aspects of study. As such, they require special protections from the law in order to protect them from unethical research practices. The subject of sex is often treated with stigma in many societies. The stigma becomes even more complicated whenever it includes the element of abuse. Psychological trauma, stress, and, general discomfort are some of the consequences that are likely result from the mishandling of the subject of sexual abuse with regard to the underage children (Barsky, 2009). This is because the children have not developed the necessary mental defenses that could help them deal with the distressing nature of the research. Therefore, the IRB requires that the choice of the research methods must be guided with the nature of the subjects. For instance, it would be highly unethical to subject children to interviews that involve some distressing experiences that they could have undergone at some point in their lives. Such research actions could turn out to be particularly distressing on the psychological balance of the children. At this instance, it is important to consider the fact that the need to protect underage children from the perils of research is necessarily related to the need to revamp the systems in order to determine the essence of use and need as understood together with the multiple ethical and moral perspectives that relate to the subject matter. The IRB requires that the methods to be used in the study be examined before the study in order to prevent the subjecting the underage children to the challenges ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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