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The Ride and Where We Stand - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Instructor: The Ride and Where We Stand Question 1 The book “ The ride” by Brian Macquarrie is a true demonstration of the profoundly held beliefs which in most cases subjects to change. The book focuses on one of the highest profiles of crimes that took place in New England…
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The Ride and Where We Stand
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Download file to see previous pages Two years after the conviction of the suspects, Bob Curley came back in public, but this time round to denounce the death penalty. This book literally explains Bob Curleys’ journey on his opposing stand based on his initial campaign where he agitated for a death penalty to the murderers of his son (Hailey). In an interview, Bob Curley argues that when his son Jeffrey was kidnapped and thereafter murdered, he would not think of anything else apart from reinstating the death penalty. He says that, initially he had not given the death penalty a lot of thinking, considering that it had never happened to any of his family members before. Its until his son was murdered that he felt the pain of loosing a loved one out of kidnapping and murder. This made him develop a favor for the death penalty. But afterwards, he sat back and thought about what it meant by imposing a death penalty on the two suspects. Bob took a closer glance of what justice and the law meant and immediately thought of denouncing the death penalty.This happened when Bob Curley thought of how the two murderers had escaped the long arm of the law by the fact that they could afford very competitive lawyers. Bob Curley therefore had to evaluate on investing much on a case, which he knew that there were high possibilities that he would lose. This was due to the unfairness that existed in the systems of justice based on the individual's ability to afford good lawyers (Hailey). In my own opinion, I greatly support Bob's Curleys’ opinion, in opposing the idea of death penalty that he once supported. The reason being that as long as the death penalty continue to exist in books, it will forever live to haunt and harm the survivors. This is the reason as to why I agree with the author of the book that it must end in our courts of law. The death penalty could be viewed as the best option at the time of murder or even kidnapping, but it will result in a lifetime haunt by the survivors. After reading the book, my perception about criminal justice and the death penalty has taken a different course. The reasoning I have adopted in this matter is that it will result in much time wasted while struggling for the rights of victims of crimes with no substantial outcome. Hence the death penalty has turned into an empty abstract to me (Hailey). Question 2 In the book “Where We Stand” the author tries to give an illustration on how everyday interactions can result into class hierarchies while concurrently refuting its existence. On the point that Hooks sustains a constant gaze for both her individual motivation and on her persistent social configuration, she provides a priceless framework for conversing on such complex and unexplored matters. These include greed, the thirst of simple living, the decreeing class co-optation of the youth via famous culture, and the real estate assumption being a tool of racism. The author therefore uses the theory of ideology, domination, and discourse to gives an explanation of the intersection between the social production. Hooks states that, the perceptive assessment of class is entrenched in a cultural critic found in hooks experience (Stoddart 204) Question 3 Functionalists normally view the society as different parts that are combined to form a whole community. Each part serves the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ride and Where We Stand Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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