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1 What are some of the reasons (hopefully including some not mentioned in the chapter) that democracy seems to contribute to greater gender equality? Under what circumstances might greater democracy end up diminishing women’s rights in some countries? (5pts) Naturally, when one is able to express a political viewpoint and allow that viewpoint to be counted, it allows the individual to begin to realize a host of other rights related to equality and gender acceptance…
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Download file to see previous pages... By allowing women to have a voice with respect to the political process, a whole new range of political perspective is opened up for analysis. Conversely, culture itself oftentimes plays an even more powerful role than does the democratization of a nation. For this reason, in nations where the harsh constraints of a conservative interpretation of religion is the norm, it is likely that even if women have the right to vote, the traditional cultural understanding of gender roles and the female’s place within society will be primarily interpreted through such a cultural lens and therefore work to diminish the overall rights enjoyed by women on aggregate. Such examples of the constricting role of culture within the political sphere can aptly be recognized in multiple regions the world over; oftentimes the result of the prevalence of an extreme adherence to a particular form of religious belief. 2. What are the political, economic and social challenges of women in the developing world? (5pts) Of the most importance to the political challenges that face women within the developing world is the degree to which traditional culture oftentimes confines their expression of political involvement. Furthermore, developing countries oftentimes do not have the available resources to implement programs of birth control. In this way, the lack of birth control invariably leads to women being bound to the home; unable to seek gainful employment, unable to pursue education, and saddled with the burden of raising multiple children. Such an impediment strongly reduces the competitiveness of society in terms of the global economy. Furthermore, as previously discussed, the key political challenge that women face within many developing countries is under-representation in the political process; either due to a systemic form of sexism or a cultural tradition that does not put a high level of emphasis on women in positions of authority and/or power. As such, without the requisite representation of women in the political process, it is hard to generate a degree of interest among the female electorate the commit to participation due to the fact that there is little interest in a process that they may otherwise see as completely male dominated (Adjei et al 234). Furthermore, this situation introduces a type of never-ending cycle of non-participation due to the fact that the female electorate will not engage due to the fact that there are few representations of women within the government. Accordingly, there are few female representations of women in the government because the female electorate is not engaging. 3. What kind of rural reform or development projects do you think would most benefit the rural poor? Why? (5 pts) With respect to this particular question, raising the standard of living among the rural poor is a question that has long interested development experts. Obviously, education is one of the first things that many authors have focused upon; however, as previously stated, the need to provide appropriate, low cost, and effective birth control to the rural poor is the single most proven way to begin to raise the quality of life within a given region. As roughly half of the population ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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