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What Is Social Class How Is It Measured And Why Does It Matter - Essay Example

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Social class flows from status and refers to individuals with shared levels of wealth, influence and status. Status in this case represents a class system that is essentially achieved rather that ascribed (Jarvie 1972, p.98). …
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What Is Social Class How Is It Measured And Why Does It Matter
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Download file to see previous pages What is social class? Social class flows from status and refers to individuals with shared levels of wealth, influence and status. Status in this case represents a class system that is essentially achieved rather that ascribed (Jarvie 1972, p.98). Class, which is linked to prestige, power and wealth, can be regarded as entirely a universal phenomenon as it manifests in almost all modern complex societies. A social class is a fairly stable group differentiated from other classes by its habitual modes of behaviour (lifestyles of a certain class) incorporating aspects such as the mode of dress, living standards, means of recreation and cultural products. (Craib 2002, p.343). The foundation of social classes is mainly economic, although they are not simply economic divisions. This is informed by the fact that subjective criteria such as class consciousness, class identification and class solidarity always play a part in shaping the concept of class (Brooks and Svallfors 2010, p.199).Class is frequently central to the query: how are individuals objectively positioned in distributions of material inequality.? In this approach, class flows material standards of living indexed in terms of income or wealth. The concept of class in this agenda can be regarded as a gradational concept positioning social class divisions from underclass to upper class. This is the concept of class that features most dominantly in popular discourse. Although, the subjective aspects of the position of individuals within systems of stratification may still be essential in sociological investigations using this concept of class, but the concept of the class itself captures the objective characteristics of economic inequality, rather than mere subjective classifications (Brooks and Svallfors 2010, p.200). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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