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Compare and contrast 'primordial' with 'modernist' theories of nationalism - Essay Example

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Primordial and Modernist Theories of Nationalism Instructor Date Primordial and Modernist Theories of Nationalism The development of society has always been an interesting topic of discussion with different outlooks to how individuals have developed a form of unification that allows them to identify with one another…
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Compare and contrast primordial with modernist theories of nationalism
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast 'primordial' with 'modernist' theories of nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages However, one may want to put this connection it, its development has served as a large source of unification among a large group of individuals that has enabled them to work together towards the progress of their nation. There are two main theories of nationalism that and its source that have emerged over the years from individuals who have studied the subject. The first perspective is the modernist theory that strives to explain the origin of nationalism from the development of modern societies that have developed from the previous more traditional forms that existed.3 This theory explains that nationalism arises in modern societies as a result of the rise of industrial activities that enables self-sustainability as well as a central government that is capable of controlling the society and handling all the different issues that may arise. The central government and industrial development will also be sustained by a common language or a small group of common languages that allows for easier communication between individuals within the nation and by the government.4 The modernist theorists argue that nationalism is only possible in these modern societies as the traditional communities lack the required structures required to bring them together.5 This can be said to be because without factors such as a common language or a centralized government, it is harder for individuals to develop a sense of unity with one another while the lack of industrial progression does not facilitate a self sustaining nature without which a nation cannot be formed. The self sustaining factor can be argued to be essential due to the need for individuals to be independent of external influences for a nation to develop. 6If one is not self sustaining, there will be no urge to form a close-knit connection as they will need outside help in order to continue living. The existence of a large number of different languages makes it hard for individuals to communicate with one another while a centralized government can be said to the determining factor that will bring people together. The second theory involving nationalism is the primordial theory that is primarily based upon the evolution theory that was developed by Charles Darwin and others. This theory claims that nationalism is an outcome of the evolution of man and their perceptions into identifying with particular groups.7These groups begin with close connections such as family and friends and eventually develop into bigger groups that form nations as a result. According to this concept, nationalism can therefore be said to be inevitable and does not depend on external factors such as industrial progression or the formation of a communal society. This is based upon the argument that evolution itself was inevitable and thus if it was brought upon by this development it would be inevitable as well.8 According to this theory, apart from the evolution of physical traits and mental capacity of man, the type of environment that an individual was brought up in will also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare and Contrast 'primordial' With 'modernist' Theories of Essay.
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