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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Research Introduction Ballston Metro station lies in approximately 260 acres of land. I have found out that the Ballston Metro station is located on the Metrorail Orange line near Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. Ballston existed before as a retail center since the construction of Parkington Shopping Center…
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Download file to see previous pages I could notice single-detached homes especially in the southwestern parts of the town (Howard, Burnham and Burnham 46). Research findings From the respondents, most of the residents were born in other counties, and minority of them spoke English by 2000. Ballston also houses E*Trade Bank, office of Navy research and CACI International. Some of the surrounding new projects that I witnessed include Liberty Center office, 4501 Fairfax Drive and 4100 Fairfax Drive. Ballston Metro station has several hotels and restaurants that are mainly serve students and employers. For instance, Comfort Inn Ballston offers exceptional amenities such as fitness centers, dinning halls and dry cleaning services to students. Ballston Metro station is surrounded by various shops, restaurants, arts and nightlife that suit every kind of lifestyle and personality. I could notice the local population doing their shopping at Harris Teeter Supermarket and Boston Common Mall that are near both the Ballston and Virginia Square metro stations (Howard, Burnham and Burnham 49). I discovered that Ballston is the home of Arbour Realty, one of the most innovative real estate firms in DC. From my observation, I discovered that Ballston has a number of townhouses that have hardwood floors, brick exteriors and tree-lined sidewalks. I discovered that Ballston-Rosslyn corridor is mainly used by pedestrians who follow the Orange Line Metrorail in North Arlington. Ballston Metro station is ideal for connecting to local airports and hotels. Metro is easier and cost effective in travelling to various attraction centers in the city. Some of the attractions include the National Gallery of art that is made of Italian limestone, and contains both American and European Art. Breathtaking sculptures and exhibitions including early paintings can be located inside the gallery (Howard, Burnham and Burnham 48). One of the facilities that I visited was Ballston Common mall that is a four-level enclosed urban development at the junction of Wilson Boulevard and Glebe road. The shoppers in the mall can enjoy able parking in the garage owned by Arlington County. This facility is just located only meters from Ballston Metro station on the Orange line via skywalk from Mall level 2. Research strategy The research utilized both qualitative and quantitative research strategies. I obtained quantifiable evidence through statistical analysis of the population growth trends in Ballston area. I also relied on observation and communication with the local population to understand the lifestyle of the Ballston Metro station population. Quantitative design focused on data collection and analysis in order to gain the demographic statistics of residents near Ballston Metro station and average daily number of visitors to the shopping malls and restaurants. The data had to be collected during the day for about one week. The purpose of the quantitative strategy was to make a comparison with the local authority locals on the population of the area and average number of visitors daily. The qualitative strategy entailed observation of the general movements of visitors, the business activity level in restaurants and the station. The other technique was interviews with businessmen, investors and visitors at the Station and shopping malls. The respondents were selected according to ages, lifestyles, and their main economic activity in Airlington. Obstacles encountered during field ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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