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Field Assignment - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Ethnography in A Public Place Abstract This research is about an ethnography done in a public place in Washington DC i.e. Tysons Corner Mall in VA state. Ethnography is a type of research that involves unfolding cultural phenomenon of a particular group of people…
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Field Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction Ethnography encompasses studying social interactions including behaviors that are taking place in a certain community, team, and group of an organization (Brewer, 34). The main aim of this study is to provide holistic insights into views and actions of the people. It also provides the nature of the place in which these people are living. This is achieved by collecting detailed data by the use of direct observations and interviewing the residents of that place. Therefore this research will involve the social pattern of the people at Tysons Corner Mall in VA State, Washington DC. The research will also emphasize on the problems experience during the study and their possible solutions. In addition, this research will emphasize on many aspects in that place of study rather than one aspect. This ethnography is based on all dimensions that include the physical layout of the place, actions that are taking place, people who are involved in that place, the things that these people are trying to achieve, the activities that are repeated sequentially and the emotions that can be felt or articulated in that place (Coleman 67). Methodology This was my first field study about ethnography. It involves the cultural phenomena that can be conveyed at Tysons Corner Mall in VA State, Washington DC. ...
I involved myself in this group for three consecutive days. All this time was enough for me to collect detailed information about this place and the place that spend time there. In this public place, at Tysons Corner Mall in VA State, there are very many activities that were taking place but first I had to familiarize myself with that place in my first day. In the first day, I used observation as a method of collecting data. This method was very efficient more especially when collecting data that do not involve people in that place. I used direct observation to collect data on the physical layout of the public place. I could also observe very many activities that were taking place although they were not near to the position that I was. I also participated in some activities that were taking place so as to create good relationship with the people in that place. This relationship helped me a lot when gathering more information about these people. I asked them many questions that looked stupid to them but the questions were important to me. I observed what they were doing and I could conclude many things about them. I also observed how they utilized the resources that were in that pubic place. I observed many activities that were repeated by the people and the age groups of the people doing the activities. Another observable activity at Tysons Corner Mall in VA State, was how new people socialized with others in order to know each other well. I observed the common people who were in this place and the use of new technologies like mobile phones. In my research, I also employed interviewing as my second method of collecting information from the people in the public. This method was very efficient although I could experience some difficulties. I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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