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Culture - Research Paper Example

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Irshad Ahmad Academia-Research.Com Newspaper-Culture November 27, 2012. Introduction Newspapers reflect the culture of a nation. The stories inside a newspaper tell the social approach of a nation. The current affairs of a state conveyed by its newspapers show the overall contemporary nature of the people…
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Download file to see previous pages For example the rapidly increasing ratio of suicides in American Society tells the countrymen to go for the healing of wounds otherwise get ready for the immediate collapse. The Editorials of newspapers expose the grave political situation which necessitates measures of remedial. The Sports’ page mirrors the fitness level of the state and the level with which the country can prepare its inhabitants for a challenge. The Showbiz page shows up to what extents the society is fond of entertainment which in turn reflects the mood of that society. For the purpose to link the culture of a society to its newspapers, I have selected three newspapers i.e. The Guardian UK, Toronto Star of Canada and Le Figaro of France. The papers are analyzed with respect to its features, stories and advertisements. Besides the values reflected by these newspapers are compared in contrast with the American values. The Guardian The Guardian, a British daily newspaper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor in Manchester. It is the propagator of contemporary liberalism in UK. In the general election of 2010, the paper supported the liberal Democrats. In the field of “design”, The Guardian has distinction with worldwide fame earning many awards to its name. It has come out experimental by changing design and format during the recent past; it has moved to Berliner from Broadsheet. Since the time of its changing into the Berliner format, each daily paper has a Sports Section (Hamilton, pp32-41). The Guardian has become a part of the international network which includes the papers from other countries with similar objectives. The Guardian Weekly has worldwide circulation fetches articles from The Guardian, The Observer and The Washington Post. Guardian Film is yet another project in the series. Different articles, columns, players’ activities and stuff for television fans shape structure of The Guardian on each week day(Hamilton, pp55-71). The Guardian breeds from middle class as it was founded by traders. A poll in 2000 showed that it was read by the Labor Party workers at 80 percent. It has the reputation of being read by the liberals to the extent that liberals are often nicknamed as “the Guardians”. The Guardian supported the Liberal Democrats in the 2010 run-up to the elections because its stance on “electoral reforms” matched with that of the democrats. What is more important is the paper’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Unlike the past, The Guardian has come up bitter against the policies of the Israel and because of this opposition, it was viewed an anti-Israel paper. When criticized for anti-Semitism, the paper argued that it reserved the right to be impartial and cover all the aspects of the conflict between Israel and Palestine (Hamilton, pp123-145). Toronto Star Toronto Star is the newspaper of Canada held in high esteem. It has the honor of highest circulation among the Canadian dailies. It was founded by Horatio Clarence Hocken. The paper however got popular in the editorship of Atkinson. Atkinson was a champion of social conscience and Toronto Star under him had a great influence on the building up of Canadian Social Policy. He propagated the ‘old age pensions’, ‘unemployment stipend’ and ‘healthcare’. The paper advocated the sufferings and interests of the common man in Canada which earned it a countrywide fame (Robinson, pp37-49). Atkinson died in 1948 however he had transferred the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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