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American culture - Research Paper Example

Today, America is crowded with foreigners and has largely become a multicultural society. “The 1990 census, for example, shows that racial and ethnic groups are growing more than seven times as fast as the majority”. As a result of heavy in-pour of several cultures, the Native American culture has developed many shades over the course of time that reflects influence of the foreign cultures in them. America, today, is a multicultural democratic society which provides its citizens with freedom of expression in terms of art, culture, ideas and opinions. Unfortunately, with the increase in cultural diversity, expression of racism has also gained strength in America.Like every culture, American culture has its own pros and cons. Some of the cons of the American culture are reluctance among people towards marriage. According to a survey, no more than “52 percent of adult Americans said they were married in 2010”. People tend to develop relationships with their proposed fiancés before marriage. They live together for certain time in order to understand each other so that they would be in a better position to decide whether or not to marry the person they have lived with. This may lead people to rational decisions in some cases, but in a vast majority of cases, people tend to live through their youth unmarried. It so happens because they first allow sufficient time to know each other, and once they actually get to know each other, they find out that the person is not worth marrying. This realization

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Philosophy of Plato and American Culture
The works of Plato have been published in a number of ways. His works have been widely referenced and so many other concepts and philosophies have been based on the works of Plato. It can be said that each culture is based on some distant philosophy which is widely adopted by the people and ultimately turns into the values and traditions of the people.
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American Culture
It was a time also following the second world war when Americans were enjoying great economic success, and seeing many benefits from scientific discoveries. The themes of Star Trek look back to the recent history of Americans which featured pioneers and settlers reaching out to the so-called “wild west” and bringing these untamed lands, and coincidentally the people in them, into the huge federation that was the United States.
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American Culture
Anzaldua and the “Mestiza Consciousness” The Civil Rights Movement is the foundation for the “mestiza consciousness,” because it was the time when black civil rights fighters developed and promoted “black consciousness.” The Chicana movement began in 1960, as it extended from the Mexican American Civil Rights movement.
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Native american culture
As she herself puts it across, her writing has at its core “the attempt to identify what it is to be a half-breed or mixed-blood person” (Sanchez 114). In the pages of history, the great westward expansion has never been included under the theme of colonialism as such.
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French Culture vs American Culture
This is called cultural intelligence (Engle and Nehrt 35). Indeed, when hired by a company to work with overseas clients, there is the chance that an employee, particularly one with linguistic skills, will be sent over to live in foreign lands in order to facilitate business deals and operations (Peterson 2).
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Autism in African American Culture
However, due to the fact that diverse cultural backgrounds and key ethnic dissimilarities now define the way in which the current environment operates, such a simplistic view cannot and should not be employed. Within the scope of this particular research paper, the student will seek to analyze the differential that exists with regards to autism within the culture of the African-American community, and the way in which autism is oftentimes understood and treated within other communities.
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Asian American Culture
The cultural exchange between the Asians and Americans has been considered by some people as a blending of two distinct and opposing cultures. Identifying the distinctly Asian and distinctly American cultures is possible through closer scrutiny
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African American Culture
The author of the text comments on the impact of the Afro-American culture, stating that the influence of the African American culture has imparted a highly influential impact on the American society with several implications. To be precise, different aspects of the Afro-American oral communication as a part of the American popular culture are analyzed in the paper.
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American culture
After reading widely on how black culture gained momentum and turned around American culture, venturing into a detailed research would prove useful in revealing
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The American Culture
The American culture comprises of other subcultures majoring in food, religion, fashion, marriage, language, and music. It also encompasses the belief of what is right and what is wrong for instance the behavior and modality of greetings, how people sit on the table, the consistency of personal behavior around the loved ones and other factors.
2 pages (500 words)Research Paper
becomes the beginning of yet another relationship and the circle continues. This is a very harmful practice, and has disturbed the family system not only in America, but also in several other countries. Another negative aspect of the American culture is people’s uncontrolled liking for junk food. This habit has resulted into extreme obesity in quite a lot of Americans. Youth, which is a period to celebrate one’s smartness, goes ruined because of the ruined looks, and the old age is even more terrible.In order for a culture to be ideal, people should leave the decision of selection of partner upon their parents. Old parents have a life long experience and are thus, in a better position to identify the right partner for their son or daughter to make couple with. Also, in an ideal culture, people should eat nothing but fruits and boiled vegetables.


Culture contains in itself, the norms, values, trends and traditions that are ingrained in the psychology of a nation. Thus, culture can be though of as a reflection of a nation’s ideology. This paper presents a brief critical analysis of the American culture…
American culture
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