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Foreign aid. Does the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world - Essay Example

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After an intense discussion and debate on whether the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world or not, we have conclusively accepted that, yes, the developed world is obligated to give aid to the developing world…
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Foreign aid. Does the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world
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Foreign aid. Does the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world

Download file to see previous pages... After an intense discussion and debate on whether the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world or not, we have conclusively accepted that, yes, the developed world is obligated to give aid to the developing world. As a team, we support this motion because of the benefits and facts associated with the aid. The following are some of the reasons why we support the motion that the developed world has an obligation to give aid to the developing world. Although foreign aid is usually regarded as wasted on recipient governments which are sometimes corrupt and being too much in spite of the donor good intentions, Paul Harris (1999) asserts that the aid results to a global gain. There are various forms of aid that the developed world can offer to the developing world. These may range from food aid, humanitarian assistance, and military assistance. Development aid is helps developing world in reducing poverty levels. The aid from the developed world improves global critical economic infrastructure. This is because poverty in developing countries is a burden of the developed nations in the long run regarding owing debts which may not be settled. According to Philippe Sands (1994), providing aid to the developing world ensures fostering of social change across the globe. In most developing countries, poverty is associated with lack of democracy and suppression of some particular groups described by gender, ethnicity, religion, race, occupation, or social class among other demographic and biographical factors. When developed countries provide aid to the developing countries, democracy is developed and ensured. Particular interest groups also lobby for the rights of the suppressed groups. Development and growth at home is promoted by the opportunities created abroad. For instance, China as a nation is very developed due to the aid packages and huge investment it has in Africa. Therefore, the developed countries will also benefit from providing aid to the developing countries. This is a good premise to support the motion. The developed world has a moral obligation to provide aid to the developing country. For instance, if we examine the atrocities of the past where states were designed with no particular regard to their economic independence and stability, it was a moral responsibility to provide aid to the developing countries that are striving to stabilize their economy. If we refer to the past years when slave trade was a normal and very lucrative, the United Kingdom abolished the lucrative slave trade due to the realization by people that it was a wrong idea. There is also an immense inequality between the developed world and the developing world, this we know is morally not right. We realize this locally at home and should implement it internationally as well. In addition, providing aid to the developing world by the developed world ensures an effective realization of the global public goods. According to Joel Rosenthal (1999), the things that are beneficial to the entire world are shared and utilized globally when aid is provided where necessary. It is hence significant to support the motion because through that aid, global health, economic stability, environmental welfare, and international security will be enhanced greatly and the whole world will stand a chance of good and effective relationships. It is right to support this motion in that it generally improves the process of economic globalization. This is accomplished through strengthening liaison and cooperation in the fields of agriculture, industry, finance and trade. Giving aid to the developing world improves mutual developments between the developed world and the developing world. Therefore, it is important to offer technological aid, financial aid, and medical aid to the developing world. It is evident that aids from the developed world improves and optimizes the living standards of people and eradicates or reduces the level of poverty in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adverse Effects of the Foreign Aid
As it is shown in the essay, there are number of studies that suggest how foreign aid could undermine the country-beneficiary and its people's ability to change their circumstance. Negative effects include the increase in power on the part of the government, the over dependence on foreign aid, and the adverse impact, referred to as Dutch Disease.
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There have been various reasons that have been attributed to the transfer of aid from richer nations to poorer nations. However, some of these approaches have been criticized for being detrimental to the societies of recipient nations. Due to this, there have been some changes in the approach for the provision of aid.
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Outline a framework for assessing the effectiveness of aid in promoting economic development in developing countries. Critically
First, aid given through private groups and donations can be distinguished from that which is given through government policies. Second, aid that is implemented directly to the communities themselves through assistance programs can be distinguished from aid that is received by foreign States directly for their national economic development.
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World Povery Causes and Role of Foreign Aid
World Poverty Causes and Role of Foreign Aid. Poverty is a state that occurs when there is a shortage of money amongst people, and they lack the basic needs of life (Mitchell, 2007). Our planet is growing drastically as people are striving to seek ideas; the ideas that show them the betterment towards life and towards the development of the nations.
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An application for funds from NORAD foreign aid program

According to the research, the country needs to establish a long-term solution for the prevailing scarcity of water. The government is making efforts in collaboration with other international organizations to drill wells and boreholes. However, research indicates that the government requires more sustainable approaches in the future.

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Development Aid
Using the so termed development aid, the third world countries try to develop the infrastructure of their governments and countries to provide a stable platform for the citizens to prosper and progress. Since poor third world countries never had the means of high income or GDP and since they do not attract big investments from other countries and markets, they are in a state where they cannot even take care of their own infrastructure (Erixon, 2005).
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International Politics Explain why foreign aid does not work as intended in Competitive, Individualistic, Cooperative views
Ideally, the desire to aid emanates from our moral values and humane aspirations that need to be fulfilled. In some cases, however, foreign nations are designed to make another nation subservient - thus , the "we give you money, you give us business perks and alliance" principle.
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There are various types of Foreign Aid; bilateral aid and multilateral aid. As argued by Nelson (2010) bilateral aid refers to the aid that is given by a donor state to a needy state. Most third world countries are the recipient countries as they are
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Aid for trade is beneficial for developing countries but disadvantageous for firms in the developed world
Moreover, it has often been observed that there is a lot of talent found within developing countries which is undiscovered due to financial and other resource based constraints, therefore proving people of such country with aid for trade would enable their talent to flourish
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