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Family Decline - Essay Example

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Family Decline Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Is Family in Decline in America? David Popenoe, in his article under the title Can the Nuclear Family Be Revived, appears to be lamenting over the decline of nuclear family in the USA in the wake of high divorce rate on the one hand and inhibition of men and women under one roof without marriage…
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Family Decline
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the children deprived of the love of their parents experience several sentimental problems, the affects of which do not abate throughout their life. Hence, restoration of nuclear family set-up in the USA is extremely necessary for the peace, prosperity and moral uplift of the individuals; Lamb et al. (2003) have also elucidated almost the same in their study Union Formation and Depression: Selection and Relationship Effects, that existence, growth and survival of nuclear family system is essential for the mental and physical well-being of the people in general. The studies reveal, according to Lamb et al. (2003, p.953), that the married couples lead a more tranquil life than the individuals who never married or are living together without entering into marital-knot. It is partially due to the very reality that the persons, under marital relationship, develop the feelings of intimacy and mutual love, and take care of each other by taking it to be their moral obligation. The authors have cited both longitudinal and short term studies, both of which endorse their hypothesis that never-married individuals suffer from psychological and emotional stress far more than the married persons observe (2003, p.954). Marriages have, Popenoe argues, considerable decline in contemporary era. Somehow, one of the most exasperating reasons behind the failure of marriages, and subsequent decline in family life includes the imperative alterations in the nature of marriages during the last quarter of twentieth century onward. Before that, marriages were conducted under the supervision of the elders, and husbands used to be responsible for the fulfillment of all financial needs and requirements of the entire family (1999, pp.28-29). Since a large proportion of females in the USA have started working shoulder to shoulder with men in all fields of life, they are adding their share in the fulfillment of domestic need by providing financial assistance to the male members of family in one way or the other. It not only has changed the entire scenario of conventional domestic life, but has also weakened the foundations of family in its wake (p.30). Popenoe regards married life as the source of comfort, success, joy and prosperity; nevertheless, Hirschl et al. do not view married life as the source of affluence and opulence. On the contrary, they submit to state that there is not scale to measure the affluence the married, divorced and never-married people have obtained during the course of time. Similarly, since the white population appears to be less traditional in comparison with the black people, it is evident that the whites have always been more stable and sound in both social and financial perspectives (2003, p. 928). In the light of several studies conducted to measure the rate, reasons and situations bringing affluence, Hirschl et al. conclude that no single factor looks domineering in respect of turning the people rich or poor. Hence, different factors pave the way towards man’s success and failure in life actually (p.936-37). Waite has elucidated the new trends in marriage that got popularity during the second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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