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Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Essay Example

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Alcohol and drug abuse Introduction: Alcohol and other drug abuse is one of the most critical public health issues faced by the nation, particularly the youth, in recent times (CDC, 2012a). Alcohol and drug abuse, among both - the adult as well as underage population significantly hampers the development and well-being of individual health as well as that of the nation…
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse
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Download file to see previous pages Hence preventing the over-use and excessive reliance on drugs and alcohol is of crucial significance to ensure a healthier and longer life for the individuals and enhance the collective productivity by building a stronger pool of human resources (Goldberg, 2009). The American Administration has recognized the social issue and charted out various intervention policies to prevent abuse of alcohol and drugs. Research indicates that effective community-based intervention strategies in academic institutions targeting students would immensely help in overcoming the problem (Spoth et al., 2011; Hawkins et al., 2009). The Obama Administration has specifically identified and acknowledged the significance of evidence-based substance use prevention as one of its top priorities (The White House, 2012). This paper discusses the various facts and figures with regard to the abuse of alcohol and drugs among the U.S. population, and an in-depth analysis of the range of intervention strategies currently in use. Facts and information: Alcohol: According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) the prevalence of under-age drinking was observed to be high among children aged between 12 and 20 years. Almost 30.2 million people between the said age group, were reported to have driven under the influence of alcohol (, 2012a). In a recent survey conducted to assess the drinking levels among the youth, it was observed that 39% of admitted to drinking alcohol, 22% of them admitted to binge drinking, and 8% drove after drinking alcohol (CDC, 2012b). The number of alcoholic liver disease deaths for the year 2009 were 15, 183, while other alcohol-induced deaths (excluding accidents and homicides) were noted to be about 24, 518 for the same year (CDC, 2012b). Drugs: The consumption of illicit drugs, particularly marijuana, has been increasing among the youth. According to the available statistics about 7.2% of eight graders, 17.6% of tenth graders, and 22.6% of twelfth graders were found to have been involved in use of marijuana for the year 2011. The number of individuals resorting to drug abuse has increased from 5.7% to 14.2% in just one month. This could be attributable to the fact that the perception of marijuana as a medical and safe drug has increased among the public over the recent years, thus leading to its increased consumption (, 2012b). Treatment programs: In-depth analysis Various treatment and intervention programs have been introduced over the years. In order to ensure effective resolution to the problem, early intervention strategies are highly significant in bringing about a reduction in drug use as well as in lowering the costs to the society. Furthermore evidence-based approach to treatment such as early intervention and referral treatment; counseling; psychotherapy; etc are known to generate positive outcomes by successfully facilitating abstinence among the patients (Bernstein et al., 2005). Drug abuse and alcoholism treatment options: Screening and Early Intervention: The early screening, brief intervention and early referral treatment was initially introduced as a public health model to enable effective treatment of people diagnosed with critical alcohol and drug consumption problems (Babor et al., 2007). This intervention strategy has proved to be highly effective in treatment of individuals with risky ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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