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Writing a Brief - Essay Example

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The proposed piece of federal legislation or policy is related to a bill which emphasizes upon improving the condition of federal transition, vocational, rehabilitation as well as ensuring employment especially for the veterans along with the associates related with the armed forces. …
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Writing a Brief
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Download file to see previous pages This particular bill is prevalently recognized as “The Hiring Heroes Act of 2011”. The bill generally assists the veterans who transit successfully from military services to the working world. In this regard, the veterans are considered to be those courageous and heroic individuals who served the nation i.e. the United States (US) in Iraq as well as in Afghanistan (Murray, n.d.). This bill went quite long or rather significantly progressed in the legislative process as it attempts to increase the chances of employment especially for the veterans of the US. It has been apparently observed that there are approximately 9,00,000 veterans who are still unemployed in the US. They were unable to find appropriate jobs in order to support their family. In this similar context it can be stated that the bill intends to provide jobs to the unemployed veterans who actively served the nation for the purpose of triggering confidence as well as ensuring stability within them (The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, n.d.). The federal legislation or the bill possesses one main sponsor named Senator Murray Patty and 40 co-sponsors (The Library of Congress, 2011). The bill i.e. “The Hiring Heroes Act of 2011” is fundamentally regarded as a bipartisan, comprehensive as well as bicameral legislation which attempts to bring down the unemployment rate of the veterans belonging to the US. This bill was passed in the year 2011 and authorizes several significant ongoing services in order to develop effective programs especially for the veterans (The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, n.d.). One of the political controversies which arose relating to the bill was regarding the introduction as well as continuation of a program which aimed at delivering rehabilitation as well as educational benefits to the veterans along with the severely injured members belonging to the armed forces (Jansson, 2011). This bill has been supported by various elected officials belonging to different states and local communities. The interesting aspect of this particular federal legislation or policy is that the bill cannot afford to leave behind the unemployed veterans of the US at any cost. The bill aimed to help the veterans by providing them employment so that they are able to provide active support to their individual families and sustain their self-esteem as well as pride. Moreover, the bill also intended to assist the veterans in order to prevent them from becoming homelessness. The federal government of the US strongly realized that the veterans were skilled, disciplined and acted as solid team players who served the nation but still had to witness unique barriers in finding employment. In order to mitigate this significant barrier, the bill intends to introduce as well as develop effective training programs relating to rehabilitation, vocational and most importantly employment benefits for the veterans as well as the members of the armed forces (Murray, n.d.). Part B: Problem Analysis: Why is this Bill substantively important? Why should the Mayor care? (1) The social problem relating to the federal legislation or policy i.e. “The Hiring Heroes Act of 2011” is that the veterans who were disciplined, skilled and served the US were incessantly witnessing crucial challenge in finding employment. It has been viewed that a huge portion of veterans or the heroes of the nation could not find jobs which ultimately restricted them from actively supporting their family. Moreover, they failed to earn a significant amount as their income which could provide them financial stability along with self-confidence and pride (The House Commit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Writing a Brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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