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Participants Observation to Analyze two Learning Situations in Everyday Life Experiences - Essay Example

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The establishment and development of a culture or a society took place right after the expansion of human population. Culture is defined as a way of life; chosen by a group of people as a standard to follow by other members of the same group. It includes moral and ethical values, language, religion, food, customs, clothing, housing and many more…
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Participants Observation to Analyze two Learning Situations in Everyday Life Experiences
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Download file to see previous pages Five years in complete isolation left irrecoverable damaging effects on Anna’s personality. Anna lacked the human potential, which was vital for her to learn culture and develop personality traits according. Although biological or hereditary habits and qualities do exist but mostly a child learns through his surroundings and interaction. In the case of Anna, zero communication, non observational environment, lack of nourishment, lack of interaction of any kind and above of all the sense of belonging was missing. She didn’t have any basic factor except darkness and isolation for psychoanalysis. Her survival was on little milk and loneliness. She adapted herself to the darkness, solitude and being wedged to the chair, since she was given this kind of treatment from her early childhood. Due to lack of nurture her essential development of nature was hindered. Since the beginning Anna lacked id (basic needs), ego (control on instinctive demands due to society’s constrains) and superego (understanding of parental demands on society’s constrains), which according to Freud was essential to nurture the nature. Her posture of being wedged to a chair and hands tied above her hand made her miss the Jean Piaget’s four stages of human development. ...
Since her sense of instinctive desire never surfaced due to her circumstances; therefore, she never reached to this stage where she could chose and identify objects according to her liking. A human child learns to smile, laugh, yell, speak and shows his liking or disliking by observing others around him. Anna never got the opportunity of interaction till the age of five; therefore, in her later years of life she made a very slow progress towards learning. She learnt to walk, smile and was ready to response, but according to her own pace. However, her growth remained far behind the regular growth. She died at the age of ten due to blood disorder, which was also because of lack of nourishment she missed out in her initial years of life. The impact of abuse and violence with the absence of adult supervision and love can cause long lasting damage on a child’s personality, which in many cases is irreversible. Example no.2: Rahid, a thirteen-year-old Sudani boy, who grew up in Darfur, where more than 30,000 people were killed by private army; accepted the brutal realties around him and expressed them through his drawing. His intensity of trust and confidence level was greatly affected because of violence and uncertainty, which prevailed around him. As described by Erick H. Erickson the eight crucial stages from which a child exceeds and form personality seems a farfetched idea in Rahid’s case. In the stage of infancy, when a child learns to trust with the help of his immediate family members and relatives who acknowledge him that the world is a safe place; if dealt in a right way, was absent in Rahid’s scenario. Due to the untimely exposure of violence and brutality the sense of security never developed; thus, the foundation of his trust never had a ground. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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