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Understanding Journal Writting - Essay Example

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The study had its basis on the traditional ethnographic principles and lessons from the rave subculture. The research was centered on networks or organizations led by the youth. Interviews conducted in thirty-seven organizations were a substantial source of information…
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Understanding Journal Writting
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Researchers have adopted the ethnographic approach towards finding out the main insight in the youthful online offline life, which seems to be a virtual-real experience. The research conducted adopts the internet approach. There are dimensions describing the various ways of which culture keeps changing across on the global scale or scope. Culture can spread with the flow of people around the world through activities as tourism and immigration. The spread of technology can induce cultural flow across the world. Hosting of notable events as the Olympics and business operations that occur on an international scale is a possible avenue through which culture can spread on the global scale. Economic occurrences as capital transfer initiate cultural transfer. The electronic and print media are a possible ways through which culture spreads around the world. Both the electronic and print media play a signify role in the spread of culture around the world. Politics is a prime source of propaganda and images bearing political or ideological interpretations. The distribution of such images through the media, print and electronic, leads to a consequent spread of culture across the world. Cultural spread is possible through interactions and disjunctions through the world’s population. The study of cultural flow across the world’s population is possible through diverse methodologies. A number of research conducted capitalize mainly on the forces of globalization. ...
Another appreciated technique and method used by the researchers is the historical analyses. The analyses had a basis on political, economic and cultural phenomena developments in historic times. The researchers also use interviews to assess the level of understanding of the population of cultural messages. The rave subculture of the youth is one of the links between their lifestyles and the online and offline cultural life. The youth-driven social movement groups also form a considerable link between their lives and the online and offline culture. The study of the movement groups is mainly centered on the affiliation existing between online organizations or activism movements and the offline actions conducted collectively by the youth. The researcher referred to the cohort between 13-25 years as to describe the youth, and those in the activist groups to have an age of approximately 13-30 years of age. It is noteworthy to avoid any form of misunderstanding of the subculture life of the youths who use the internet and virtual or real since the lives of the youths using the internet always depict a form of relationship, interconnectedness and continuity. It is of utmost importance is to avoid focusing on the separateness as a feature that defines the internet and. This is because such approach may play remarkably little role in the internet characteristics but concentrates on the needs of various projects. It is noteworthy, therefore, to take into consideration the associations between the requirements of online and offline and the requirements of methodologies indispensable in finding out this form of experience. There is the need to account for and theorize the political characteristic of the growing cultural life of the youth on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understanding Journal Writting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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