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On Sports and Drugs - Research Paper Example

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Some athletes resort to drugs and other substances to physically increase their performance in their particular field in sports…
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Research on Sports and Drugs
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Download file to see previous pages Such effects make them be more aggressive in sports. Likewise, they are even stronger due to the increased endurance, strength and power as well as develop the muscle form. Though, despite the case that doping produces positive effects on sports, it is banned. Its prohibition is not just because of its increased athletic performance impacts. Its ban is fundamentally due to its harmful effects. Objectives of the Study This study primarily aims at investigating drug and substance use in the arena of sports. In analyzing such relationship between drugs and sports, it will assist in objectively making judgment on such issue. In order to do this, this paper will specifically aim at answering two points. First, it attempts to root historically the origin of drug and substance use in sports. Second, it intends to discuss both the long and short – term effects of drug use in sports. Significance of the Study This paper is of significance because it aims to critically analyze the relationship between drugs and sports as part of the taken for granted realities in our society today. The need to investigate such phenomenon can be backed up by the persistence of drug and substance use in sports just to physically boost the performance of the athlete despite its known damaging effects on their health. Through using a sociological outlook, this paper will unveil why such practice persists in the face of its harmful consequences.The use of drugs in sports has a long been recorded. As a matter of fact, such practice has started since the ancient times and still has remained today. For the most part, athletes use drugs because of its advantage of improving the physical performance through overcoming fatigue or boosting strength....
Review of Related Literatures An Overview of the Historical Account of Drug Use to Enhance Performance The use of drugs in sports has a long been recorded. As a matter of fact, such practice has started since the ancient times and still has remained today. For the most part, athletes use drugs because of its advantage of improving the physical performance through overcoming fatigue or boosting strength (Yesalis and Bahrke 44). The Greeks and Romans of the ancient periods have used stimulants or what was defined by Riddle, Fleckenstein & Hanson, the sort of drugs that produces effects of short - term advancements in both the physical and mental utilities (E847 – 451). Greeks, in particular, imbibed a lot of kinds of alcoholic beverage like wine as well as brandy (Voy 14). Likewise, they also included in their diet sesame seeds as well as hallucinogenic mushrooms to enhance their performance. On the one hand, the Romans had delayed the onset of fatigue and overcome injury through boosting their strengths with the aid of unnamed stimulants (Wadler & Hainline 176). Meanwhile, it is important to note that majority of the early stimulants had originated from plants. Stimulants with plant origin were used by Berserkers of Norse mythology, Samoyeds, West Africans, Andean Native Americans of Peru, Tarahumara of northern Mexico, The Australian Aborigines and the lumberjacks in Austria in order to increase performance, to boost their strength and endurance and also to overcome fatigue (Yesalis and Bahrke 45). Nonetheless, the late nineteenth century which marked the commencement of the scientific experimentation had given birth to the modern drugs or substances which served a purpose of performance enhancement (Yesalis and Bahrke 45) in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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