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Health Care: Right or Privilege - Research Paper Example

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Health Care: Right or Privilege Name: Institution: HEALTH CARE: RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE It is clear that a majority of us are working hard to get a good health care, but the most pressing concerns are the daily increase of health care cost and the deficient of access to health facilities…
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Health Care: Right or Privilege
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Download file to see previous pages The lack of fulfilling these obligations is considered as abnegation to health care. This paper discusses the ethical problems faced by the lack of better health care and how the different classical theories can be used to finish the problem. Ethics is referred to as the philosophy of morality. It examines the determination to obligation. There are different concepts to explain morality and ethics. Morality is the decision we make when we do right or wrong, and things we desire, it refers to a specific class of behavior. Moral philosophy is behavioral study, which may be achieved through the obligation empirical study. Normative ethics is the study of what moral beliefs ought to be (Frankena, 2002). Rising cost is a major issue affecting most people since they get worried on how they will pay the high amount of money required for health care and health insurance, and yet their income is not capable of sustaining their daily lives. 18 % of Americans say that the biggest expense recorded monthly is the cost of health care, which excludes mortgage or rent payments. A majority of them express that the health insurance bounties have risen over the past years. 23 % of Americans still agree that they have had problems when paying their medical bills in the past years. More than 21% said that they had an overdue in medical bill, and 19 % were experiencing financial consequences over the past years due to the high medical bills. Those who had problems to pay their medical bills reported that 85 % of the bill was for doctor bills, 62 % was for lab fees and 56 % was for prescription. Health insurance is a problem to most of us, since we are not able to afford and those that are insured are worried and disturbed that they might not be able to pay consistently for the next few years, or might lose the health insurance because of losing their job. It is very sad that while the society has problems on health care, the two institutions; pharmacy and insurance make huge profits by driving the cost of health up (Snyder, 2006). The uninsured have no source of health care, and when they suffer chronic illness, they receive less treatment. Treatment delays because one is not insured, have deadly consequences, in overall. A study indicates that adults without health insurance have 25 % chance of dying than insured adults. It is critical to point out that, a majority of uninsured people are healthy young adults who refuse to take health insurance since they do not need it. About 4 % of the workers only admit taking health insurance because of their employers. Perhaps most of the uninsured are not employed; hence, they cannot afford the cost of health insurance. The government should provide health care to support all those that are uninsured. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that all workers have insurance to health care, to avoid inconveniences brought about by lack of proper health care. It is estimated that eighteen thousand deaths, which are premature, occur every year due to the cases of lack of insurance; this is common when these people suffer acute illness. Uninsured individuals experience poor outcome since they are not able to access services on time (Snyder, 2006). The government should increase the amount of money given to health care services since the demand for better health care increases a daily basis. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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