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Queer Theory Explains the Discrepancy between the Biological Sex and Desire - Coursework Example

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The paper “Queer Theory Explains the Discrepancy between the Biological Sex and Desire” states that the human's gender and sexual orientation are predetermined not only and not so much by biological origin, as by his personal upbringing and psychosocial environment. …
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Queer Theory Explains the Discrepancy between the Biological Sex and Desire
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Extract of sample "Queer Theory Explains the Discrepancy between the Biological Sex and Desire"

Download file to see previous pages Queer theory was first identified in 1991 where stable sexes and genders developed part of a gay and lesbian reworking of identity as a group of numerous positions. After a span of three years, it dominated the markets as an accent mark term that progressed itself in vernacular perspective. It is believed that queer stipulates hermeneutics of politics emphasizing representation. It is, however, unknown if persons of different sexual inclinations had similar political objectives and whether the sexual minority felt they could be represented alongside others of different sexualities and inclinations. Theorists suggest that corrective measures to be adopted in parliaments were formulated by the homosexuals so as to campaign for their rights in the society. The aim of this was to collect recommendations so as to achieve common interests by marshaling minority rights.
The queer association is mainly concerned with the promotion of identity policies as far as dialogues, practices, identities, and sites being recognized as queer. It is, therefore, coined around self-identification, public and common identity whereas, to some extent, it has led to the false sense of their identity and legitimization of the same. The identity categories branded gays and lesbians to be recognized by their sense of dressings and associations.
This movement mainly advocated for the public revelation of gays and lesbians should be candid about their sexuality to peers, friends, and colleagues as a way of countering their pride. The first countrywide gay rights organization was established in the late 1950s and was known as the Mattachine civilization. This group, however, did not do much activism. The gay term was previously used to refer to homosexuals, and some people saw it as a rejection of the identity of homosexuals.
Direct actions and consciousness on the identity of homosexuals were emphasized to facilitate the realization of the movement’s effectiveness. As late as the 1970s, the movement, however, became unpopular with the emergence of the official movement of civil society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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