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Crime and Deviance Theories - Essay Example

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Crime and deviance theories Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Crime and deviance theories 1.0. Introduction In the social order, there are various forms of disorders that disrupt the norms of the society. In most cases, the society is not devoid of deviant behaviours that are unanimously disapproved by the whole society…
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Crime and Deviance Theories
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Download file to see previous pages With the increase in deviant behaviours that advance to crimes, this theme can indeed not be overlooked. This essay shall aim at highlighting on two theoretical approaches- differential association and anomie theory, in an attempt to understand crime and deviant behaviours in the social order. 2.0. Body With the use of theories, it is possible to have an understanding of the behaviours of persons. Crime and deviant behaviors can also be discussed and understood with the application of theories. 2.1. Differential association theory The background of this theory is based on how individuals learn deviant behaviours. This theory was proposed by Sutherland, who sought to understand the role of environment in creating thriving grounds for development of crimes. According to the research conducted by Vito & Maahs (2011, pp.174) the environment plays a major role in the creation of the norms in the society. Creation of norms evolves from the fact that human beings are able to socialize with one another ion the society; thus, grasp a lot of concepts from others. Of essence, this is to means that, in the society, the environment has the ability of shaping an individual. In the case of an individual who is constantly within the company of wrong doers and other deviant persons, it is likely that this person will follow the same trend. This is an interpretation that the deviant person ahs adjusted to wrong doing as part of the daily norms of the society. Additionally, the work by Vito & Maahs (2011, pp.177) emphasizes the need for the reference groups to set a good example to the young ones so that the younger ones can have a good example to follow in the quest of their survival. This theory also indicates that deviance and crime are forms of behaviours that are learnt just like any other behaviour in the society. In the same way that a person would learn how to cycle, the same case a person would learn or perfect the art of stealing, vandalism or even pick pocketing. With this in mind, crime and deviance can be discussed as conditions that are stimulated and conditioned by a particular human being. If the parents or any other care givers or reference groups train a person not to indulge themselves into criminal or deviant activities, there is a great likelihood that these individuals will have set a lasting brand in the individuals that deviance and crime is wrong. A vice versa of this situation would mean that an individual gets addicted to deviant behaviours from their backgrounds and the kind of lives that they have led in the past. Of essence, this is to argue that differential-association theory works on the grounds that the kind of behaviour portrayed by an individual emanates from their own backgrounds and the examples they have been brought up with. In their work, Vito & Maahs (2011, pp.176) give the view that deviance may be as a result of the kind of picture portrayed of a certain deviant behaviour. A good example is that of the juvenile offenders. Juvenile offenders are known for their massive praise of the gangster and street life. With these persons as members of the society, there is a great probability that they may interact with other community members. In this case, therefore, a lot of youth people with the need for prominence end up being recruited in these gangs. A mere need to have fun and adventure as a result of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Crime and Deviance Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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