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Chicano Feminism Abstract This paper intends to discuss Chicana feminism issues that have affected the social development of the Mexican American or Chicano population in the U.S. after 1848. The paper starts with an introduction to feminism, and goes on to relate the concept with Chicano feminism…
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Chicano Feminism Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The report is summarized in a concluding paragraph. APA referencing style has been used properly throughout the paper. Introduction Let’s first get familiar with the concept of feminism. Feminist theories or feminism, in general, addresses the issues regarding body and the gender differences encompassing the popular culture (Leslett & Thorne, 1997). All feminist theories share some basic issues. These all talk about women being treated differently than men, which is gender discrimination favored basically by male domination. Feminist theories talk about women’s understanding about sexuality, their experience at the workplace, and how they manage their families alongside work. The important thing these theories have to say is that women can tend to change the whole scenario by using their practical and empirical knowledge. This would help construct a future non-sexist society, which is the focus of attention of feminism. There are some feminists who characterize women as slaves in their houses, doing work for their families without getting paid, and thus their houses become a sort of prison for them. This is often referred to as domesticity. Feminist theories say that this domesticity has to be ruled out from women’s lives, if they want themselves to be treated at an equal status with men and considered as modern. Chicano population in the U.S. is an ethnic minority. ...
Chicano feminists started to raise their voices during this period when they experienced conflicts and troubles as women in the Chicano social protest movement (Garcia, 1997, p.1). Garcia writes in her book that it was during this period that a lot of Mexican-American or Chicano population launched a militant civil rights and ethnic nationalist movement, that was much like the Black nationalist movement and the Mexican-American community’s past heritage of prejudice and structural disparity in the American society. Since then, “Chicano and Chicana social scientists have been producing revolutionist studies that disprove the debilitating stereotypes of Chicano family pathology…” (Saldivar-Hull, 2000, p.128). Women trying to identify themselves as Chicano not only wanted to get identified with the Mexican culture, but also wanted to have a stance over the political and social issues related to inequality, just like the second wave feminism, which arose in the late twentieth century when feminist activities increased. Women started to contend against discrimination, in which they were given second class status. This wave focused mainly on working class of women, which was obvious from the 1968 strike of working women at the Ford car plant, protesting for equal pay. Women also started understanding their social, political, personal, sexual and reproductive rights, under the slogan ‘the personal is political’. This is what Garcia (1997, p.2) has written about in her book, that is, the Chicano movement, the movimiento, was based on promoting equalities for the Mexican-Americans, especially women, in political, social, and economic infrastructure throughout ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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