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Why Some People Can't Learn English - Essay Example

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The paper finds out the solution why some people cannot learn English. People all around the world belong to some religion or the other. Humanity itself is divided on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity and nationality. Situations arise in which individuals are required to leave their identity. …
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Why Some People Cant Learn English
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Download file to see previous pages According to the paper people are not ready to embrace new cultures, fearing that they might lose their own. People want to safeguard their culture and tradition, which include the preservation of their mother tongue. They fear that the changes they create in their language or lifestyle will create changes in their culture. People have been following the culture they inherited from their ancestors, and consider any deviation from it as disrespect to the souls of their forefathers.
In the report we can see some reasons why it's so hard to learn foreign language. Some of the immigrants think that there is no need to learn English. It is not because they think they will lose the values of their culture, but because they do not considerEnglish as a necessity. They knowingly ignore any opportunities that come their way. They think that they know the basic English terms which help them survive in foreign countries. They realize the importance of the English language only when various problems occur, and also bring grave consequences. As is often seen in human beings, they do not grasp every opportunity that they get and take things for granted.
The reporter finds out the main reason why some people cannot speak English even after spending half of their life time in countries where the official language is English.
It can be said that people are not ready to embrace new cultures for the fear of losing their own. ...
gration from a country that speaks a particular language to a different country speaking another tongue demands for knowledge about the changes they should undergo in their lifestyle, for their survival in a different society. But the fear inscribed in the people about losing their culture as well as traditions they have been following until now proves to be an obstacle in the path of this change. In a fast developing world where every country is being integrated into one global village, the need for knowledge of English is inevitable. Therefore, survival demands an individual’s ability to adapt to diverse situations. This in turn points to the need to communicate to the world around that individual, without destroying his or her own culture. But some immigrants believe that learning English would force them to forget completely their mother tongue, and along with that, their culture. This can be seen in the case of the narrator’s mother in Garry Engkent’s essay ‘Why My Mother Can’t Speak English,’ when he realizes that the reason behind his mother’s inability to speak English is due to her fear “that learning English would change her Chinese soul” (“Reading and Writing in the Age Cultural Diversity”, n.d, p 34). Immigrants are very proud of their culture, and they do not want to forgo this precious part of their soul. Another problem is concerned with the immigrants discouraging their children from learning this new tongue. Even though the children understand the need of this language, their parents fail to and persuade them not to go for any such courses. The fears that the parents have transferred to their children induce them to think in the same narrow-minded way their parents do. They continue to believe that was fed by their parents. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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