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Resistance: an Evaluation of the Ability of New Social Movements and Identity Politics to Resist the Injustice and Oppression - Essay Example

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Resistance: an evaluation of the ability of new social movements and identity politics to resist the injustice and oppression found in the contemporary world INTRODUCTION One of the most key challenges of governments worldwide is to identify policies that serve effectively the public interest…
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Resistance: an Evaluation of the Ability of New Social Movements and Identity Politics to Resist the Injustice and Oppression
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Extract of sample "Resistance: an Evaluation of the Ability of New Social Movements and Identity Politics to Resist the Injustice and Oppression"

Download file to see previous pages In the specific part of the paper, reference is made to authoritarianism and its relationship to the following political practices of the British government: the protection of human rights and the labour and trade union movement. In other words, the first part of the paper aims to show the level of oppression and exploitation, as related to the public life in Britain. In this way, it would be easier to check whether the above phenomenon, i.e. the expansion of oppression and exploitation, can be controlled through the intervention of pressure groups. At the next level, the second part of the paper focuses on resistance via identity politics; the role and the power of a specific pressure group, the British Council of Organisations of Disabled People is explored aiming to explain its ability to resist the injustice and oppression found in Britain, as part of the contemporary world. It is proved that the particular pressure group can play such role but its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed since the challenges involved are significant, as analysed below. PART ONE: OPPRESSION AND EXPLOITATION In order to evaluate the aspects of public life, as appeared in Britain, it is necessary to understand the relationship between politics and human rights in general, i.e. as the above relationship is commonly developed in societies worldwide. According to Boyte (2005), civil societies tend to promote human rights, at least more than other types of societies. However, even in these societies, oppressive practices may also appear; still in civil societies, where ‘free spaces are available to individuals’ (Boyte 2005, p.60), oppressive practices may be difficult to be distinguished because of the belief that such societies ensure freedom in regard to all human activities (Boyte 2005). In regard to the above, Ife (2001) explains that oppressive practices are often difficult to be controlled, mostly because of the following fact: most of these practices do not incorporate ‘a structural analysis of the oppression involved’ (Ife 2001, p.147). The specific view can be made clear by referring to the following example: many Marxists have supported inequality of gender, not intentionally but because they were not aware of gender challenges in regard to all aspects of social life (Ife 2001, p.147). According to the above, the promotion of oppression in a particular society can be unavoidable, especially when the terms of oppressive practices are not adequately explained. On the other hand, the chances for oppression and exploitation seem to be limited in democracies (LeDuc 2002). Still, even in democratic regimes, oppression and exploitation may not be avoided unless the following practice is followed: apart from securing the freedom of people to act freely, democracies need to be effective in regard to the enforcement of law, especially in regard to the limitation of the potentials of ‘government officials to abuse power’ (LeDuc 2002, p.223). In other words, the recognition of the right of freedom to individuals is not adequate for characterizing a democratic regime as effective in fighting oppression and exploitation. It is necessary for this regime to be appropriately prepared for preventing the local government ‘from abusing power’ (LeDuc 2002, p.223). At this point, the following issue should be highlighted: any individual who has power is expected to abuse this power, either ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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